Loopmasters - Indian Sessions Vol 2 - KV Bala Krishnan (WAV/REX)

Loopmasters - Indian Sessions Vol 2 - KV Bala Krishnan (WAV/REX)
Loopmasters - Indian Sessions Vol 2 - KV Bala Krishnan (WAV/REX) | 990MB

Loopmasters have teamed up with renowned Indian percussionist KV Bala Krishnan to put together this supreme collection of Indian percussion, Indian vocals and Sitar samples for producers worldwide looking for authentic royalty free Indian samples to integrate into their productions.

This is the second of a 2 part series which sees KV team up with local Indian musicians and vocalists from Chennai to extract pure melodies, grooves and rhythms from Indian culture and traditional music, but with an eye on popular western tempos and time signatures in order to create a palette of sound which will work well when fused into modern genres.

This is truly an authentic collection of samples recorded and produced in India exclusively for Loopmasters, which have been mastered centrally at Loopmasters studio to ensure maximum compatibility with all music applications and is presented in multiple formats for easy manipulation by you the producer.

Within this superbly recorded collection expect to find 900+MB of 24Bit Indian samples including, over 330 Samples, 335 Loops and producers will find 87 Female Vox loops, 61 Male Vox Loops, 159 Percussion Loops, and 28 Sitar Loops, all oozing authenticity and royalty free to add to your productions.

The tempos range from 75 –128 bpm and the percussion, masterfully played by KV himself includes loops of Bass Dholak, Dukki Tarang, Finger Cymbals, Ghata Singari, Ghatam Pot, Salangai, Shakers, Tabla, Tambourine, Triangle, amongst others. Single Hit Samples and patches are found in volume 1 from the collection.

Moving on to the Sitar section you will find a selection of Ensemble, Sitar Jaala, Phrase and Taraf Harp Loops. Vocals are also exquisitely presented in various folders including Female vocals presented as Classic Aalap, Kalyani, Raag and Shivaranjini loops alongside light style loops and phrases. Male Vocals include Amarnath, Mantra, Carnatic, Classic and Film Loops, alongside phrases and single shouts.

If you are working in Film, TV or broadcast – or are in need of a fantastic selection of fresh and original Indian samples from the heart of the Indian music scene to integrate into music of all types, then check out the Indian Sessions from Loopmasters today!

Tech Specs:
• 24 Bit 44.1 Quality
• 990Mb
• 335 Wavs
• 335 Rex2 Files

• 87 Female Vocal Loops
• 61 Male Vocal Loops
• 159 Percusion Loops
• 28 Sitar Loops


Indian Creampie (2012/SiteRip)

Indian Creampie (2012/SiteRip)

Наименование: Indian Creampie
Год выхода: 2012
Жанр: Big Tits, Brunette, Indian, Milf, Creampie, Hardcore
В ролях: Priya Rai
Продолжительность: 00:39:32
Подсайт и вебсайт: PornFidelity.com
Качество: SiteRip
Формат: MP4
Видео: MPEG4 Video (H264) 640x360 29.97fps 1000kbps
Аудио: AAC 48000Hz stereo 128kbps
Размер: 331 MB

Indian Creampie (2012/SiteRip)

Indian Creampie (2012/SiteRip)

Southscope - November 2011 (India) (HQ PDF)

Southscope - November 2011 (India) (HQ PDF)
Southscope - November 2011 (India)
English | HQ PDF | 80 pages | 54.8 Mb

An English magazine that covers in-depth the four South Indian language film industries of - Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada.



Indian Cooking Books Collection

Indian Cooking Books Collection

Indian Cooking Books Collection
English | PDF | Ebook Collection | All In One | 263 MB

Here are 19 different cook books with Indian recipes, Iget no credit for this upload as i have accumilated them over time so the origanal uploaders deserve the credit, I like to keep thing in folders so thought i would share with who needed them you can download all of them or just pick the ones you have not got.

List on read more

http://ul.to/epecg7e1/INDIAN COOKING BOOKS.part3.rar
http://ul.to/ly4h995g/INDIAN COOKING BOOKS.part1.rar
http://ul.to/8c1d2tqv/INDIAN COOKING BOOKS.part2.rar

Av Erotica 2012-07-11 Kesy Indian (x82) 3744x5616.rar

Av Erotica 2012-07-11 Kesy Indian (x82) 3744x5616.rar

Av Erotica 2012-07-11 Kesy Indian (x82) 3744x5616.rar
HQ Original | Size: 242 Mb | Format: Rar/Jpg

Stock Vector - Indian Ornaments

Stock Vector - Indian Ornaments

Stock Vector - Indian Ornaments

25 EPS | 380 MB

uploaded.net: Download

letitbit.net: Download

Indian Tina virgin anal / Попка индийской целки

Indian Tina virgin anal / Попка индийской целки

Indian Tina virgin anal / Попка индийской целки

Описание порно видео:
Молодая индюшка блюдёт целомудрие для мужа (наверное) или же для церемонии инициации и даёт исключительно в попку. А куда ей деваться? Так как охота подлинной любви...

Indian Tina virgin anal / Попка индийской целки

Информация о фильме:
Наименование: Indian Tina virgin anal / Попка индийской целки
Год выпуска: 2012
Жанр: Индия порно,порно кинокартины индия,кончил в попку,порно кончают в попку,ломают целку,разрывают целку порно,сбили целку,порно видео
Выпущено: Индия
Продолжительность: 00:29:07
Перевод: Не потребуется
Язык: Оригинал

Формат: AVI
Качество: SiteRip
Видео: MPEG4 1280x720 29.97fps 1242Kbps
Аудио: MPEG Audio Layer 3 48000Hz stereo 125Kbps
Объем: 369,9 Mb

Books on Hinduism and Indian Philosophy Update

Books on Hinduism and Indian Philosophy Update
Books on Hinduism and Indian Philosophy Update
English | PDF | Collection | 594 Mb

Akshaya Kumar Banerjea - Philosophy of Gorakhnath
Anantanand Rambachan - The Advaita worldview_God, world, and humanity
Benard, Elisabeth Anne - Chinnamasta_The Aweful Buddhist and Hindu Tantric Goddess
Bhagavad-Gita with the Commentary of Sri Sankaracharya
Bina Gupta - Cit Consciousness
Br?hadaran?yaka Upanis?ad with commentary of Sri Sankaracharya
Chatterjee s. & Datta D. - Introduction to Indian Philosophy
Danielou, Alain - While the Gods Play_Shaiva Oracles and Predictions
Deussen Paul - System of Vedanta (1912)
Dyczkowski Mark S.G. - Aphorisms of Siva
Eliot Deutsch & Rohit Dalvi - The essential Vedanta_A new source book of Advaita Vedanta
Grimes John - A Concise Dictionary of Indian Philosophy_Sanskrit Terms Defined in English
Kapali Sastry - Further Lights_The Veda and the Tantra
Lalita Sinha - Unveiling The Garden of Love_Mystical Symbolism in Layla Majnun & Gita Govinda
Leesa S. Davis - Advaita Vedanta and Zen Buddhism_Deconstructive Modes of Spiritual Inquiry
Mackenzie Brown (tr.) - The Song of the Goddess_The Devi Gita
Marchand Peter - The Yoga of the Nine Emotions
Navijivan Rastogi - The Krama Tantricism of Kashmir vol.1
Piotr Balcerowicz - Logic and Belief in Indian Philosophy
Ponniah V. - Th Saiva-Siddhanta Theory of Knowledge
Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan - Brahma-Sutra_The Philosophy of Spiritual Life
Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan - East and West in Religion
Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan - History of Philosophy_Eastern and Western Vol-I & II
Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan - The Bhagavad Gita
Schomerus H.W. - Saiva Siddhanta_An Indian School of Mystical Thought
Shiva Sutras_The Supreme Awakening, with the comm. of Kshemaraja
Sri Sankaracharya - AtmaBodha_Self-Knowledge and Other Stotras
Staal Frits - Advaita and Neoplatonism_A Critical Study in Comparative Philosophy
Surendranath Dasgupta - Religion and the Rational Outlook
Suthren Hirst J. G. – Sam?kara’s Advaita Vedanta_A way of teaching
Swami Saradananda - Sri Ramakrishna The Great Master
Swami Tapasyananda - Sri Sarada Devi The Holy Mother_Her Life and Conversations
Vedanta Paribhas?a translated with notes by Swami Madhavananda
Wood Ananda - Interpreting the Upanishads

http://ul.to/7n7a1v00/Books on Hinduism and Indian Philosophy_update.part1.rar
http://ul.to/e6j3wuzo/Books on Hinduism and Indian Philosophy_update.part2.rar

Panic! at the Disco - Vices and Virtues (2011)

Panic! at the Disco - Vices and Virtues (2011)

Panic! at the Disco - Vices and Virtues (2011)

Artist: Panic! at the Disco
Album: Vices and Virtues
Released: 2011
Style: Alternative rock
Format: MP3 128Kbps
Size: 32 Mb


01 The Ballad of Mona Lisa
02 Let's Kill Tonight
03 Hurricane
04 Memories
05 Trade Mistakes
06 Ready to Go (Get Me Out of My Mind)
07 Always
08 The Calendar
09 Sarah Smiles
10 Nearly Witches (Ever Since We Met.)


XXX TV Online (Rus)

XXX TV Online (Rus)

XXX TV Online - ТВ-программа для просмотров XXX каналов и уже уже у Вас!
Она дает Вам для просмотра иногда целых 29 каналов в режиме интернет!

1. Calendar TV
2. Интернет порно - Girl TV
3. Интернет порно - BlowJob TV
4. Русский порно канал - Беркова ТВ
5. Интернет порно - Hardcore TV
6. ТВ канал Telesat 1 Am2
7. BestPornTV.html
8. ТВ канал BigSister
9. TV6 Эротика
10. ТВ канал Sex TV - Asians
11. Интернет - ТВ канал Sex TV - Teens
12. Интернет - ТВ канал Sex TV - Bisexuals
13. Sex TV - Big Tits
14. Интернет порно - ТВ канал Sex TV - Big Cocks
15. порно ТВ канал Teens
16. ТВ канал Softcore
17. ТВ канал Porn Stars
18. Порно ТВ канал Indian
19. Порно ТВ канал - Будто девочки кончают
20. Порно ТВ канал KSex
21. Порно ТВ канал Lesbian
22. Порно ТВ канал Толстушки
23. Порно ТВ канал Californie
24. Интернет порно ТВ канал Anime
25. Порно ТВ канал Hardcore
26. ТВ канал Black - Интернет порно ТВ с негритяночками
27. ТВ канал Транссексуалы
28. ТВ канал Private (DE)
29. Hardcore TV

Релиз выпущен: 2012
Язык интерфейса: Идеально русский
Наименование: XXX TV Online
Операционная система: Windows XP/Vista/7
Формат файла: Rar
Медицинский препарат: Не потребуется
Объем файла: 30.6 Mb


Total Film - April 2012

Total Film - April 2012
Total Film - April 2012
English | PDF | 156 pages | 105.4 Mb

Total Film magazine features news, reviews and articles on all current and future video, film, book, soundtrack and multimedia releases. Big reviews on all the latest Hollywood and British films as well as some from further afield. Interseting interviews as well with some big names from the big screen.


KMP Film Video Sound Effects Vol 1-10 CDDA

KMP Film Video Sound Effects Vol 1-10 CDDA
KMP Film Video Sound Effects Vol 1-10 CDDA | 3.35 GB

KMP Film Video Sound Effects library features 10 volumes of different sound effects on 10 CDs. The library consists of great variety of sounds, among them - animals, traffic, "around the house" sounds, nature, urban ambience, machinery, watersport and many other beautiful sound effects.

- KMP.Film.Video.Sound.Effects.Vol.1.KMP.1001.CDDA-AMPLiFY
Animals/Traffic (vehicles-machines etc)

- KMP.Film.Video.Sound.Effects.Vol.2.KMP.1002.CDDA-AMPLiFY
In And Around The House

- KMP.Film.Video.Sound.Effects.Vol.3.KMP.1003.CDDA-AMPLiFY
Great variety - sounds/different areas

- KMP.Film.Video.Sound.Effects.Vol.4.KMP.1004.CDDA-AMPLiFY
Household /Animals/Nature

- KMP.Film.Video.Sound.Effects.Vol.5.KMP.1005.CDDA-AMPLiFY
Traffic /Miscellanious: great variety

- KMP.Film.Video.Sound.Effects.Vol.6.KMP.1006.CDDA-AMPLiFY
Traffic /Military/Animals

- KMP.Film.Video.Sound.Effects.Vol.7.KMP.1007.CDDA-AMPLiFY
Household 3/Factory/Fireworks/People

- KMP.Film.Video.Sound.Effects.Vol.8.KMP.1008.CDDA-AMPLiFY

- KMP.Film.Video.Sound.Effects.Vol.9.KMP.1009.CDDA-AMPLiFY

- KMP.Film.Video.Sound.Effects.Vol.10.KMP.1010.CDDA-AMPLiFY
Europe/Transport/Tourism/Spare Time

Format: AudioCD (CDDA)
Image type: Bin/Cue