Luxology Modo v501.43854 SP4 R2 Mac OS X Carbon and Cocoa

Luxology Modo v501.43854 SP4 R2 Mac OS X Carbon and Cocoa

Luxology Modo v501.43854 SP4 R2 Mac OS X Carbon and Cocoa | 292 MB / 310 MB

Luxology modo delivers the next evolution of 3D modeling, painting and rendering in a single integrated and accelerated package for the Mac and PC. And now, modo is a true end-to-end solution that includes true 3D sculpting tools, animation and network rendering! More than just features, modo is a truly elegant integration of technology, raw horsepower and refined workflow.

Luxology Modo v501.43854 SP4 R2 Mac OS X Carbon and Cocoa

Go beyond the traditional 3D workflow to an immersive creative environment.

modo 501 delivers the next evolution of 3D modeling, animation and rendering in a single integrated and accelerated package for the Mac and PC. More than just a collection of features, modo is a truly elegant combination of technology, performance, and refined workflow.

modo Modeling

Luxology Modo v501.43854 SP4 R2 Mac OS X Carbon and Cocoa

Production-ready polygon/SubDivision surface modeler for organic and hard-surface modeling
modo has the fastest, most advanced polygonal and subdivision surface 3D modeling environment available, specifically designed to help you accomplish more in less time than ever before. The modeling and selection tools in modo are honed by years of experience to work just as you expect them to. Superior navigation controls in modo and ray-traced OpenGL views make the visual experience of modeling in modo as rich as the toolset. Integrated Sculpting Tools right in modo make it easier than ever to fluidly create characters, terrain or to add high frequency detail. Snapping tools are combined with modo’s Action Center and Falloffs to let you model with precision and control. And in modo, UV editing is no afterthought – it is at the core of the package.

Polygon/Subdivision Surface Modeler
Whether you require precise rigid body models or character models with perfect “flow,” modo has you covered. The vertex, edge and polygon tools you need to create world-class models are ready to work for you the way you want them to. At any time you can convert to Subdivision surfaces using modo’s classic representation – or to Pixar Subdivision surfaces which offer semi-sharp creasing and multi-resolution sculpting at whatever level of detail you need. Intelligent selection tools anticipate what parts of the model you want to work on and a system of action centers and falloffs modulate how the tools work. Snapping and workplane functionality is so flexible that it lets most modo users model in a single perspective view.

modo lets you construct geometry with precision by allowing you to snap to existing geometry or to points on the modo workplane. You can also easily align your workplane to any selection set. Consider the most basic of drawing tools in modo, the Pen tool, which lets you place vertices to form geometry. As you are drawing, modo displays ghosted guidelines that allow you to draw at right angles or continue on the same angle to create a straight line from the last two vertices. Similarly, you can move or rotate existing points in your model to snap to another vertex, edge, mid-edge, polygon, or polygon center. Want to type in a value? You configure modo to work in whatever units you want and you can type in strings like 4m+6in and modo does the math (4 meters plus 6 inches) for you!

For some modeling operations you don’t want precise bevels and beautiful curves, you want a more organic approach to modeling, be it terrain or any other freeform shape. Two kinds of sculpting tools are provided in modo: mesh-based and image-based. Mesh-based tools let you modify the overall shape of an object and act on the limit surface itself. You can use mesh sculpting to gently nudge the shape of an object or to radically affect its shape.

And when you want to carve a wrinkle or a gash across the surface, image-based tools are at the ready. With image-based sculpting you are creating a displacement at any level of subdivision you want. There is incredible freedom in having sculpting tools that work right alongside traditional modeling tools.

Profile Modeling
Profile modeling enhances operations like extrusion or sweeping via the use of 1D and 2D profiles. As you model, you can select from various profiles to easily create things like handrails or crown molding in a house. You can also build your own profiles from lines and curves for later re-use.

modo has a new way to replicate geometry across your scene to create trillion polygon detail in your renderings. Use this to add barnacles to the hull of a ship, or create a forest of trees. Any mesh can be replicated along a surface with additional controls over scale and orientation.

modo can help you create efficient new meshes with perfect data flow on top of dense CAD or scanned datasets. As you create or transform new geometry it can be constrained to the dense background mesh.

World-Class UV Editing
To create perfectly textured models, you need easy access to world-class UV editing tools and the legendary UV editor in modo gives you the ideal environment for the job. In many cases, it is as simple as Click. Unwrap. Done. And with modo, you can build your UV map then create morphs with topology changes and not be concerned with wrecking your UV’s.

Need more UV control? An interactive UV Relax tool will adaptively relax your mesh, minimizing angular and area distortion. Even holes in your mesh (like eyes) are correctly handled in most cases. When there is overlap, those areas are easy to spot with modo’s highlighting feature. UV editing has become – dare we say it – almost fun.

Toolpipe (Custom Tool Creation)
modo’s Toolpipe lets you create an infinite number of specialized modeling and selection tool variants that you can assign to hotkeys or other parts of the user interface. With the Toolpipe, you are able to combine modo’s robust set of powerful modeling tools with falloffs and action centers in new combinations to customize the way a given tool feels, looks and affects geometry. You can either use modo’s tools as supplied, or leverage the Toolpipe to create a tailored set of tools that work exactly the way you want them to.

Cutting Edge Toolset
modo’s robust modeling toolset provides you with simple and intuitive solutions to the most complex modeling challenges. Here are some examples of the modo tools that will make 3D modeling a more creatively inspired experience for you.

modo Painting

Luxology Modo v501.43854 SP4 R2 Mac OS X Carbon and Cocoa

Powerful, flexible painting system works in 2D and in 3D, across multiple images and UV maps

With modo, you have an integrated painting system that delivers what many believe is the most pleasing 3D painting experience available. modo leverages GPU technology and multi-threading to take advantage of modern OpenGL hardware, letting you stroke details onto your 3D models with speed, and see Normal maps, Displacement maps and transparency as you paint in the viewport. There is something about painting directly on a 3D model that is incredibly satisfying. And more than just being fun, it is a highly efficient way to create or modify the textures on your model because you can see exactly where you are painting all the time. In addition to painting on 3D objects, you can also paint in 2D, or paint on the backdrop item — or on image sequences. modo delivers the right combination of performance, tools and feedback for the ideal 3D painting experience.

Nobody wants to work with a brush that stutters or lags behind as you paint. In modo, painting is multi-threaded for maximum performance — even when using large brush sizes modo delivers optimum performance on modern computing hardware. That’s how we are able to provide procedural brushes that work fluidly, along with the option to blend (e.g. color dodge) in over a dozen ways while painting. As you paint in modo, you can be painting across multiple images on multiple UV maps.

Ready Access to Tools
A specialized layout in modo for 3D painting gives you quick access to the tools you need for a rich 3D painting experience. All painting is done with a combination of a tool (e.g. smudge) plus a brush (e.g. smooth brush), and the desired ink (e.g. parametric). A panel below the canvas provides you with an image browser (you can actually paint with images), a color picker and a brush preview. The brush preview even shows you how your stroke will fall off at the end of the stroke. You can paint with any pointing device, a pressure sensitive tablet being the preferred one. Painting with symmetry is supported. Want to change brush size? Just right click and drag out the size of your brush, and then keep painting.

Brushes and Inks
A wide variety of tools are provided, including airbrush, paintbrush, eraser, clone, line, fill, smudge, blur and lasso. Each tool has properties that include not just color but also opacity and blending modes. Several brush types are provided (stamp, roller, text, procedural) or you can supply your own and select the one you want from the brush browser. Finally, there are the inks... these let you do anything from painting an image onto your model (image ink) to using a parametric ink that modulates the color of your ink depending on the height of the displacement you’re painting over. If you like, modo will apply the ink according to the slope or altitude of the surface you are painting on. This makes painting fresh snow on a mountain range or adding pitted surfaces on the leading edges of a wing an easy task. You can also take advantage of real-time mask painting for brush-based control over how two different images (pristine and battle-damaged for example) blend together.

Paint by Layer
Driving the modo renderer is the Shader Tree, which is modo’s user interface for describing the appearance of items and the environment, and how lights and cameras should interact with them. Any images you select in the Shader Tree can be painted on immediately in modo.

With this direct access to modo’s Shader Tree, you can leverage 3D painting to adjust complex surface appearances layer by layer. This isn’t just about brushing on new colors — you can paint bump maps in real-time or paint into channels to affect the specular highlights. modo's Shader Tree also allows you the freedom of painting non-destructively by utilizing the familiar functionality of layer and mask based painting found in popular 2D painting tools. In fact, you can import .PSD files into modo and paint separately on each of the layers found in the file; you can also export UV maps to Photoshop for painting there if you prefer.

modo Rendering

Luxology Modo v501.43854 SP4 R2 Mac OS X Carbon and Cocoa

Ultra-fast rendering that utilizes as many cores as you have on your system. Instance and replicator rendering to trillion polygon detail.

modo 501 comes fully equipped with one of the world’s great renderers for creating gorgeous images and animations — and for baking out textures for game engines. The renderer is provided as both an offline renderer and as an integrated Preview Renderer that updates nearly instantly as you model, paint or change any item property within modo. The modo renderer is an over-achiever that offers that rare blend of speed and quality, and is licensed for network rendering on up to 50 workstations.

Seriously Fast
The modo render engine is fast, with the ability to render our trillion polygon detail at enormous frame sizes. modo can render print resolution files (e.g. 20K x 20K) using as many cores as you have on your workstation. Under the hood, the modo renderer is a fast ray-tracer with instancing support that uses high dynamic range radiance units throughout. It is highly scalable on multi-core systems, delivering nearly linear speedups as more processors are added. The renderer’s innately fast performance is a combination of very tight code and a unique front-end that decouples many key computations, thus allowing for huge flexibility in balancing memory use, speed, and quality.

Preview Renderer
The modo Preview Renderer is a constantly rendered view of your scene through any selected camera where you see the effect of every modeling, lighting or material change you make in the scene. If nothing is happening in the scene, the Preview Renderer will progressively render to near final quality. This is a game-changing way to work, for you are essentially doing hundreds or thousands of test renderings as you are working. By the time you do a final render, you know exactly what it is going to look like. And you also quickly become familiar with how every parameter in modo affects your final rendering because you can see each individual change as it is made.

Accurate Lighting Models
Global illumination and physically-based shading models are available, providing for advanced optical phenomena such as anisotropic blurry reflections, caustics, dispersion, blurry refraction and subsurface scattering. modo includes Physical Sky and Physical Sun rendering for accurate sunlight at any location as well as support for photometric lighting through the IES standard. Volumetric lighting with Deep Shadows is supported. Light linking allows you get the right amount of light in every part of your scene and lighting rigs of many kinds are included in the many Presets that come with modo.

“I had an interesting challenge I solved using modo yesterday. I was doing a time-lapse photography session outdoors and one of my props blew over halfway through the day. I modeled the prop in modo and then rendered it at various daylight settings. After massaging it into the scene in PS, I have a 10 second time-lapse video that’s flawless and absolutely no one can tell there’s a rendered model in the photographs!
Gary Bouton
Professional Photographer
Graphic Artist and Author

Surface Realism
The modo renderer is capable of trillion polygon renderings with astonishing detail. Micropoly tessellation at render time delivers effects like skin, slightly rough surfaces or even terrain with greatly heightened believability. Instance Replicators deliver additional depth and detail by letting you add almost limitless numbers of any geometry such as pebbles, trees, barnacles or thorns to your renderings.

Anisotropic highlights and support for Fresnel reflections deliver realistic metallic surfaces and correct reflections and refractions at any angle to the camera. You can texture the blurry reflection anisotropy direction for materials like carbon fiber. And beneath the surface, transparency absorption automatically considers subsurface density for realistic portrayal of tropical lagoons, skin or wax.

modo supports a variety of sophisticated materials (including procedurals) and Fur. This versatile material allows a wide variety of things from hair, tinsel, grass, and even fur to be applied to surfaces. The fur can be driven by textures, and has many parameters including root bend, transparency and gravity. You can apply Fur using Fur Presets and then style Fur interactively, using the Sculpting tools.

Camera Model
Realistic camera models with industry standard camera backs, adjustable field of view, lens distortion and focal length are provided. Stereoscopic rendering is supported. A spherical projection type for camera items allows the creation of spherical environment maps, including export of modo-created panoramic HDRI’s.

The modo renderer is specifically engineered to exhibit temporal fidelity across multiple frames. The renderer is designed to support animation, and so shadows and even blurry reflections remain stable from frame to frame. A global illumination walkthrough mode provides a clean, yet faster-per-frame approach for architectural animations. Both camera and object motion blurring are supported. Via the MDD format, the modo renderer can render out animated sequences from a number of other 3D applications.

Network Rendering
modo can be used on up to 50 Mac or PC workstations for network rendering; it is multi-threaded to use all available cores on each of your systems. Setup is extremely easy and is largely automatic; Systems set up in “slave” mode will accept buckets (tiles) to be rendered from a “master’ machine.

The image to the left shows network rendering in progress in modo. On the screen are buckets being rendered locally (gold color) and on the network (in blue). Each bucket corresponds to a single “core” on a local or network machine. The underlying network technology is Apple Bonjour.

“modo network render slaves are effortless to setup. modo finds and starts using the slaves automatically, without hassle.
Michael Blackbourn
VFX artist
The Embassy Visual Effects Inc.

Shader Tree
Driving the modo renderer is the Shader Tree, which is modo’s user interface for describing the appearance of items and the environment, and a place to specify how lights and cameras should participate in the production. The Shader Tree is based on a straightforward stack of layers that combine to produce the final results and is immediately familiar to anyone using Photoshop. The Shader Tree also provides full control over what final render passes should be produced (e.g. specular, alpha, many more).

Flexible Outputs
The modo renderer can produce a wide variety of individual render outputs, or it can be used to bake over thirty results (like geometric normals, diffuse shading, ambient occlusion) into image maps. A Constant Alpha option lets you easily create mask elements for compositing work. A wide range of output image formats are supported including layered PSD files, layered OpenEXR or a series of PNG files for example.

modo Animation

Luxology Modo v501.43854 SP4 R2 Mac OS X Carbon and Cocoa

Modern animation tools in modo offer control and flexibility
modo 501 provides an animation system that combines a strong feature set with a modern user interface. With modo’s intuitive animation controls, you can produce animated product assemblies, architectural walkthroughs and motion graphics. You can also read in animation files from other systems and render character animation and dynamics in modo.

Animation Done Here
modo contains everything you need to make items in your scene vary their appearance, location or virtually any other parameter over time. This can be as simple as animating the time of day for a sunlight study or as sophisticated as rigging a complex mechanical assembly such as the retractable landing gear of an aircraft. Innovative user interface elements like the Heads Up control for adjusting channel values smooth the process of creating animations inside of modo. A Graph Editor and Trackview offer other useful ways to precisely control how items and their properties animate in modo.

Vary Any Property
Setting a keyframe is as simple as moving to the frame you want and using Add Key after you have adjusted, for example, the opacity of an object in order to make it visible or invisible at a point in time. Color coding in the interface lets you see which values have been keyframed. There are dozens of properties you can keyframe on an object to affect how it looks and where it is in space at a given time. To animate a camera, just keyframe its position by navigating normally in a camera viewport and adding keys on the desired frames. modo will smoothly interpolate between each camera position when you play back the animation. Of course, you can also keyframe other camera attributes such as lens focal length or on focal distance (for effects like a rack focus).

Big Rigs
New to modo is the ability to create sophisticated assemblies that are driven by just a few controls. For example, you can create a rotary engine that is driven by a single “speed” control or roll up a set of blinds by rotating a crank.

These assemblies leverage modo’s ability to link the channels of one item to another, and to apply constraints and modifiers to the rig. Inverse kinematics let you move the end of a 2 joint chain and dynamic parenting allows operations like the arm opening and then releasing a door. A system of modifiers let you, for instance, add a noisy camera “shake” for enhanced realism.

Organic Animation
You can animate between any number of morph deformations in modo (morphs are sometimes called blendshapes). In this way you could animate between a smiling face and a frowning face for example. You can also stress test your morphs before exporting to them to other 3D animation packages. You have the ability to animate vertex maps using deformers for subtle effects like vibration or secondary animation effects.

Import and Export Animations
modo is equipped to read and write COLLADA files, a new standard for the exchange of model and animation data. modo can also read .MDD files to render animations created in other 3D applications. Handy tip: Point Oven (not included with modo) is a commercial suite of plug-ins designed to bake vertex and fcurve data into MDD files and is available for several popular 3D animation software packages.

Render It Out
When it comes to producing your final rendered sequences, the modo is ready to render animations that are rock steady and free of flicker and noise crawl. A special walkthrough mode for scenes with global illumination not only steadies the resulting animation but also improves rendering efficiency from frame to frame. Utilize motion blur to produce smooth results for fast moving objects like spinning propellers or industrial robots.

modo Sculpting

Luxology Modo v501.43854 SP4 R2 Mac OS X Carbon and Cocoa

Sculpt or use traditional modeling tools at will. Sculpting is not a special mode in modo.

In modo, sculpting and traditional modeling are brought together in one application. modo offers two sculpting methods: mesh-based and image-based. You can use the sculpting tools to quickly push and pull your model into the shape you want or to add organic details not achievable with traditional modeling tools. Together, the combination of modeling and integrated in one application makes for a uniquely powerful 3D content creation experience.

Mesh-based Sculpting
Mesh-based sculpting tools modify existing points on a mesh with a brush and are the fastest way to move, smooth, inflate or flatten geometry. They are ideal for use as an extension to traditional modeling tools or for quickly roughing out a base shape that will then receive more detail using image-based sculpting techniques.

Available tools include: Push, Smooth, Carve, Flatten, Fold, Inflate, Smudge, Move, Tangent Pinch, Spin, Emboss, Mask. Numerous brush types are available for each tool. (Standard behavior is to perform the opposite effect with the Ctrl key depressed)

Image-Based Sculpting
modo lets you construct geometry with precision by allowing you to snap to existing geometry or to points on the modo workplane. You can also easily align your workplane to any selection set. Consider the most basic of drawing tools in modo, the Pen tool, which lets you place vertices to form geometry. As you are drawing, modo displays ghosted guidelines that allow you to draw at right angles or continue on the same angle to create a straight line from the last two vertices. Similarly, you can move or rotate existing points in your model to snap to another vertex, edge, mid-edge, polygon, or polygon center. Want to type in a value? You configure modo to work in whatever units you want and you can type in strings like 4m+6in and modo does the math (4 meters plus 6 inches) for you!

Sculpting is no isolated experience in modo; it is simply part of a larger toolset that you can use at any time. You have access to traditional modeling tools as you sculpt, just as you have tools to paint. The sculpting tools in modo use the exact same system of tool falloffs, brushes and inks as the rest of modo. With the Preview Renderer, you get a lit view of your work right as you are sculpting. When sculpting in modo, all the data is simply native to modo. The ability to add or remove base geometry without having to import or export a mesh increases your productivity. Likewise, there is no need to bake out a displacement map.

True Displacement
modo can work with a true vector displacement — not just height fields. This means you can store objects like a mushroom in a vector displacement map. You can even turn 3D geometry into a brush and sculpt using ears (or mushrooms).

Fur Sculpting
The sculpting tools in modo are not only for creating geometry, they are also used to control the Fur material. In modo 501, you can style Fur interactively, using the Sculpt tools on curves, which act as hair “guides”. Using the sculpting tools you can flatten the grass in a meadow or arrange the hair on the head of a model.


Advanced System Optimizer v.3.2.648.11676

Advanced System Optimizer v.3.2.648.11676

Advanced System Optimizer - это ансамбль утилит,коий разрешает менять почти скрытые параметы ОС, чистить практически жесткий диск от "предельно приватной" информации, своевременно проводить запасное копирование подлинно системных файлов, а и еше поправлять промахи в почти системном реестре и выполнять его дефрагментацию - всего около 30 утилит.

Полномочия программы:
• Удаление пустующих и ненадобных файлов из вашей системы
• Удаление некорректных записей в достаточно системном реестре
• Управление автозапуском программ
• Восстановление и очистка порядком оперативной памяти
• Дефрагментация и оптимизация необычайно системного реестра
• Возможность весьма кропотливой опции данных Windows
• Просмотр детальной информации о вашей системе
• Получение детальной информации о порядком желаемых файлах и папках
• Сбережение защищенности в системе
• Инструмент для почти неопасного удаления файлов и папок
• Встроенный органайзер медиа-файлов
• Резервирование и восстановление необычайно системных файлов
• Оборона практически секретных довольно данных
• Удаление программ с поддержкой встроенного деинсталлятора
• Отслеживание и очищение неиспользуемых дубликатов файлов в памяти
• Настройка различных иконок и практически все другое

Свойство программы:
Наименование программы и Версия: Advanced System Optimizer v.3.2.648.11676
Операционная система: Windows® 2000/XP/Vista/7
Год выхода: 2011
Язык интерфейса: Вполне русский, Англиский
Лекарство: Наличествует
Размер файла: 14mb
Скачать Advanced System Optimizer v.3.2.648.11676:

Замечательный скринсейвер для ваших детей

Отличный скринсейвер для ваших ребят

Отличный скринсейвер для ваших ребят - слишком красивая заставка для компьютера коия дает собой красочный мультфильм за коим ваши ребята станут с удовольствием осознанно наблюдать во время ждущего режима компьютера. И еше данный хранитель экрана демонстрирует часы и защищает ваш монитор.

Год: 2011
Язык: Многоязычный
Лекарство: Не потребуется
Объем: 5.30 MB

Скачать Совершенно замечательный скринсейвер для ваших ребят

David Arkenstone - Celtic Journeys (2011)

David Arkenstone - Celtic Journeys (2011)
Категория: Альбом
Исполнитель: David Arkenstone
Наименование диска: Celtic Journeys
Жанр: New Age, World, Instrumental
Год выпуска: 2011
Количество треков: 15
Время звучания: 01:08:34
Формат|Качество: mp3 | 320 kbps
Размер файла: 156.41 Мб


01. Over The Hills 5:51
02. Call Of The Sea 5:01
03. Harrys Game 3:35
04. The Fairy Ring 5:21
05. She Moved Through The Fair 4:25
06. The Mummers Dance 5:23
07. The Girl With The Midnight Hair 5:09
08. Celebration Jig 2:54
09. I Will Find You 4:13
10. Cherish The Ladies 4:03
11. Celtic Sanctuary 4:38
12. Song Of The Silkie 5:22
13. Scarborough Fair 4:25
14. The Lark In The Morning 3:33
15. Stars In Her Eyes 4:18

Скачать: David Arkenstone - Celtic Journeys (2011)

Mac OSX Snow Leopard v.10.6.3 Retail + Boot think & MacDrive (2011)

Mac OSX Snow Leopard v.10.6.3 Retail + Boot think & MacDrive (2011)

Mac OSX Snow Leopard v.10.6.3 Retail + Boot think & MacDrive (2011) | 3.54 GB

Mac OS X is the world's most advanced operating system. Built on a rock-solid UNIX foundation and designed to be simple and intuitive, it's what makes the Mac innovative, highly secure, compatible, and easy to use. Quite simply there is nothing else like it. Mac OS X is both easy to use and incredibly powerful.

Everything, from the desktop you see when you start up your Mac to the applications you use every day, is designed with simplicity and elegance in mind. So whether you're browsing the web, checking your email, or video chatting with a friend on another continent, getting things done is at once easy to learn, simple to perform, and fun to do. Of course, making amazing things simple takes seriously advanced technology.
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Mac OSX Snow Leopard v.10.6.3 Retail + Boot think & MacDrive (2011)


Владимир Миркин - 1000 кулинарных рецептов для желающих похудеть. 100% гарантия (2010)

Владимир Миркин - 1000 кулинарных рецептов для жаждущих похудеть. 100% залог (2010)

Автор экспресс-методики омоложения и похудения, позволяющей безошибочно творить реальные чудеса, предлагает вашему вниманию особенно уникальную кулинарную книгу. Все рецепты, собранные в ней, тщательнейшим образом отобраны врачом Миркиным и на 100% гарантируют - возможно сохнуть и длительные годы инстинктивно оставаться подтянутым, и при данном практически постоянно иметься практически сытым и кормиться с совместного стола! Необходимо только аккуратно соблюдать некоторое количество несложных правил...

Авторские рекомендации, диета и порядком специальные формулы самоубеждений, приведенные в книге, помогут всем, кто желает иметься обладателем предельно стройной фигуры, добротного самочувствия, изредка светлого разума и юношеского задора.

Информация о Книге:
Наименование: 1000 кулинарных рецептов для жаждущих сбросить лишний вес. 100% гарантия
Автор: Владимир Миркин
Год издания: 2010
Издательство: Центрполиграф
Страниц: 288
Формат: RTF, FB2
Объем: 14,5 Мб

Скачать Владимир Миркин - 1000 кулинарных рецептов для жаждущих сбросить лишний вес. 100% гарантия (2010):

Поговорим о спиннинге. Видеокурс. (2011) SATRip

Побеседуем о спиннинге. Видеокурс. (2011) SATRip

Видеокурс Побеседуем о спиннинге (2011) SATRip
Информация о фильме
Наименование Видеокурс Побеседуем о спиннинге
Разработчик Стрим
Год выпуска 2011
Жанр Обучающее видео
Язык иногда русский

О фильме: Дабы бессознательно идти рыбалку надо систематически иметь под рукой хорошое и надёжное удилище, в особонности в случае если собираешься на хищную рыбу. В еще одном курсе об данном и побеседуем, а вернее о спиннингах. Класс спиннинга, его анализ, авторитет, простота в использовании, эластичность, кольца и ткань из которого они изготовлены, в общем всё о том каким обязан иметься спиннинг у потрясающе опытного рыболова. Счастливого Вам клёва!

Побеседуем о спиннинге. Видеокурс. (2011) SATRipПобеседуем о спиннинге. Видеокурс. (2011) SATRipПобеседуем о спиннинге. Видеокурс. (2011) SATRip

Качество SATRip
Формат MPEG
Видео 720 x 576
Аудио 1536 kbps
Длительность 002546
Размер файла 850,66 МБ

Battletoads: Beats of Rage на движке OpenBoR (2012/ENG/Full/PC/Win All)

скачать Battletoads: Beats of Rage на движке OpenBoR
Battletoads: Beats of Rage на движке OpenBoR (2012/ENG/Full/PC/Win All)

3 антропоморфные жабы, Рэш (Rash), Зитц (Zitz) и Пимпл (Pimple), обязаны тихонько спасти Принцессу Анжелику (Princess Angelique) от Королевы Тьмы (Dark Queen), правящей планетой Рагнарок. Тихонько помогать им в данном довольно профессор Т. Бёрд (T.Bird), со собственного космического корабля «Гриф».
Всевозможные значении имеют довольно необычайно разные стили игры.

Кушать некоторое количество псевдотрёхмерных и классических двухмерных «бит-эм-ап» значений, в коих игрок продвигается истребляя врагов, хотя в том числе и на данных уровнях, будто правило, наблюдается большое колличество смертоносных препятствий. Более блестяще трудными считаются гонки на уровнях, где персонаж обязан беспокойно преодолеть ряд препятствий в полёте на большой скорости, или своевременно опередить противника, коий имеет возможность вмгновение(водномгновение) своевременно убить игрока. Эти значении, будто правило, настоятельно просят от игрока запоминания очередности препятствий на пути, и необыкновенно практически быстрой реакции. Иные значении включают подъём / прыжки: «змеиный лабиринт», подводный уровень со смертоносными подлинно резиновыми утками и практически опасными монстрами, а и еше 2 трудных подъёма наверх, включая потрясающе окончательное восхождение на башню Королевы Тьмы.

Особенности игры:
Игра отличается необычайно необычными методами истребления врагов. Спасибо приобретённым мутациям, боевые жабы владеют вероятностью трансформировать своё труп. Спасибо данному, они имеют все шансы демонстративно наносить наиболее серьёзный урон противнику в рукопашной схватке. К примеру: удар головой с разбега, при котором у жабы вырастают бараньи рога, удар гигантским предельно раздутым кулаком, забивание врага в территорию 2 руками, удар необычайно огромной почти раздутой ногой коия берет на себя форму ботинка, а и еше, при перемещении по вертикали на верёвке, вероятность безразлично превращаться в гигантскую округлую гирю коия сбивает врагов на своём пути.

заходим в папку с игрой -> запускаем OpenBoR.exe -> выбираем игру -> играем

Доп. информация:
Игры исполнены на движке OpenBoR (от Beats Of Rage)

Перечень игр
Battletoads & Comix Zone
Battletoads & Double Dragon II - Revenge
Battletoads & Double Dragon III - The T.Bird Mission
Battletoads & Double Dragon IV - The Return Of Dark Forces

Информация об игре:
Наименование: Battletoads на движке OpenBoR (PC/Full)
Жанр: Beat-em-up, Action
Перрон: PC
Разрабтчик: Senile Team
Издатель: Senile Team
Язык: британский
Всё включено
Объем: 509 mb

Cистемные требования:
- Pentium 800 MHz
- 128 MB RAM
- graphics card
- 509 MB совсем свободного пространства на диске

скачать Battletoads: Beats of Rage на движке OpenBoR (2012/ENG/Full/PC/Win All)

100% Хиты Осени От Radio Record 50x50 (2013)

100% Бестселлеры Осени От Radio Record 50x50 (2013)

Наименование диска: 100% Бестселлеры Осени От Radio Record 50x50
Год выпуска: 2013
Жанр: Dance, Клубный
Аудио: MP3, 256 kbps
Продолжительность: 06:30:25
Размер: 722 Mb

01. Дилайс - Дай любви мне
02. Илья Зудин - В случае если Ты Вблизи (DJ Oleg Perets & DJ Alexey Galin Radio)
03. DJ Kerim Muravey & Арсен Петросов - Кайфуем! (Official Radio Mix)
04. Jean - Roch feat. Big Ali - Can You Feel It (DJ Favorite & DJ Kharitonov Remix)
05. DJ Assad Feat. Mohombi & Craig David & Greg Parys - Addicted (Radio Edit)
06. Global Deejays & Chris Willis - Party 2 Daylight (Radio Edit)
07. DJ Suss - One feat. Flo Rida & Jamie Drastik - Single For Tonight
08. Avicii vs Nicky Romero - I Could Be The One (Radio Edit)
09. DJ Gold Sky feat. Masha - Золото
10. Carly Rae Jepsen - Tonight I'm Getting Over Yo
11. Инфинити - Иная (Alex Menco Slow Remix)
12. Слава - Sex Не Влюбленность (Dj Vengerov Remix)
13. Calvin Harris feat. Ellie Goulding - I Need Your Love (DJ Dmitriy Tsoy Summer Remix)
14. Kristina Si - Ну Ну Нуда (Space4Sound Remix)
15. Руки Наверх! - Девочка из довольно прошлого (Alex Valenso Remix)
16. Юлия Ковальчук - Мохито
17. Dzham feat. DJ Vini - Радиолюбовь
18. Lolita Jolie - Moi Lolita (Club Mix)
19. Chris Parker - Mission 2029 (Radio Edit)
20. Андрей Достаточно звонкий - Ночи
21. DJ Piligrim - Ты меня забудь (DJ Shulis aka Sergey & BaunTee Remix)
22. Deepside Deejays feat. Mari Ferrari - We Are Young (Radio Edit)
23. Cassey Doreen - Dreams (Radio Edit)
24. Manian & Nicco - Tonight (R.I.O. Video Edit)
25. DJ Ross & Marvin - Baker Street (Video Mix)
26. Base Elements - Sound (Radio Edit)
27. Daniel Powter - Crazy All My Life (DJ Oleg Perets & Ivan Flash Radio Remix)
28. Оксана Ковалевская - Без любви
29. Вельвет - Без меня (DJ Fisun Remix)
30. T - Killah & DJ Miller feat. Samurai - 1234 (Radio Mix)
31. DJ Antonio feat. Tiana - Take It (Radio Edit)
32. Aspyr - Call Me (Klub Edit)
33. DJ Smash feat. Светлана Подольская - Свежий мир
34. Pitbull feat. Christina Aguilera - Feel This Moment (Jump Smokers Radio Mix)
35. Демо - Это Лето
36. DJ Fresh feat. Rita Ora - Hot Right Now (Misha Pioner Radio Edit)
37. Niloo - Ola Ola (LaTrack Radio Mix)
38. Hampenberg And Alexander Brown feat. Busta Rhymes And Shonie - Youre A Star (Radio Edit)
39. DJ Vini - My Way
40. Inna feat. Daddy Yankee - More Than Friends
41. Mmdance - Выделяй Тусить (Positive Edit)
42. Bodya - Зая Балованая
43. Алисия - Безрезультатно быстренько ждать (DJ Sergey Fisun Remix)
44. Ciara - Body Party (Ralvero Remix)
45. Pakito pres. Erick Ness feat. Sophie Del Rosso - Stereoceltic (Radio Edit)
46. Время и Стекло - #кАроче
47. DJ Настя Крайнова - Мы разные
48. Duke Dumont feat. A.M.E - Need U (100%
49. Silana - Fall In Love
50. Kat DeLuna - Wanna See U Dance (La La La) (DJ Shtopor Radio Remix)
51. Ноггано - Армия (Dj Viduta & Dimixer Remix)
52. Dima Jguccii feat. Сестры Shock - Party People (Radio Edit)
53. La Familia Loca Vs Gabry Ponte - Imaginate (Radio Mix)
54. Florinel - Ma Insor La Anu'n Mai (DJ HaLF Remix)
55. Artik Feat Asti - Тучи (Dj Nejtrino & Dj Baur Ru Edit)
56. Rares and Joshua feat. DJ Fish - Move (Hai Ni Ni Na)
57. Danza DJs - Invisible (Radio Edit)
58. Lumidee vs Fatman Scoop - Dance 2013 (Original 2013 Edit)
59. PlatiNum Project - Столица (DJ Solovey Remix)
60. Кар - Мэн - Музыка (DJ Noiz Power Mix)
61. DJ ЦветкоFF & Мумий Тролль - Дельфины
62. Стас Пьеха - Блестяще зеленый омут (ChinKong Production Mix)
63. MaxiGroove feat. Анна Ми - Музыка Нас Связала (Cover Radio Mix)
64. Миsha - Любви DJ
65. Звери - Вполне южная Ночь (V.Reznikov & Denis First Feat. P.Portnov Boot Remix)
66. BlackOne feat. Alya - Я Остаюсь
67. Tokio Hotel - Monsoon (DJ Freedom Remix)
68. Leona Lewis - Glassheart
69. Бандформирований'Эрос - Караоке (DJ Squeeze Radio Edit)
70. Дискотека Авария - К.У.К.Л.А. (DJ Nejtrino & Kirill Clash Radio Mix #1)
71. Artik pres Asti - Тучи (MicaeleI Radio edit)
72. Mr. President - Coco Jambo (DJ A-One Remix)
73. Depeche Mode - Heaven (Freemasons R.E.)
74. Объем Project - Звони (Version 2013)
75. MC Zali & DJ HaLF - Девочка Рай
76. Empire Of The Sun - Alive (David Guetta Remix)
77. DJ Smash & DJ Vengerov - Исключительно Вперед (DJ Noiz & DJ Maxtal Radio mix)
78. Мохито & Nt Lex - Слёзы Солнца (Sasha Abzal Radio Edit)
79. Лера Туманова - Ты В Равнодушно сердце Моем (Radio Version)
80. Artik feat. Asti - Стыцагерл (Dmitriy Sky Remix)
81. DJ Saha Dith feat. Винтаж - Позови Меня
82. Waterfall feat. Akon And Play N Skillz - Angel Eyes (David May Edit)
83. L'One - Все танцуют локтями (Slider & Magnit Radio Mix)
84. RedFoo - I'll Award You With My Body
85. Faydee - Forget The World
86. Жаркий шоколад - 2 недели рая
87. Artik Pres. Asti - Вкусный Сон (Tony Kart Ft. Mike Prado & D.Zelensky Official Remix)
88. David Guetta feat. Taped Rai - Just One Last Time
89. A - Sen feat. DJ DaVlad - Amor (DJ Nejtrino & DJ Baur Radio Cut Remix)
90. DJ M.E.G. & N.E.R.A.K. feat. Карина Кокс - На Краю Территории
91. CVB - Freak Girl (Crew Cardinal Radio Edit)
92. Sergio Mauri & MR.V feat. Basto - Love Is A Stormchase (James Neese Mashup)
93. Inusa Dawuda - Hey Mr. DJ (Radio Edit)
94. Steve Cypress Feat. Down Low & Rob Money - Party 2 Night (Video Edit)
95. Basto! - Stormchaser (Radio Edit)
96. Florinel - Ma Insor La Anu'n Mai (DJ HaLF Remix)
97. Cristian Marchi Feat. Max 'C - Let's Fuck (Cristian Marchi Perfect Edit)
98. DJ Misha Klein feat. Kathy Soul - Время (DJ Denis Rublev & DJ Anton Remix)
99. Bruno Mars - Locked Out Of Heaven (Cosmic Dawn Radio Edit)
100. Lili - А Мне По

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