CyberLink PowerDVD 11.0.2218.53 Mark II Multilanguage - Preactivated - Silent Install

CyberLink PowerDVD 11.0.2218.53 Mark II Multilanguage - Preactivated - Silent Install

CyberLink PowerDVD 11.0.2218.53 Mark II Multilanguage - Preactivated - Silent Install | 129 MB

CyberLink PowerDVD 11 is the ultimate universal media player that extends your viewing experience beyond just movies on PCs. Play any media format from any device at home or on social networks, at enhanced HD and 3D quality, all with PowerDVD 11. PowerDVD 11 is the undisputed choice for all your media needs. Experience all your media in a whole new light whether they are on disc, your PC, Device, Home & Social Cloud. PowerDVD 11 is much more than just a movie player – it's the perfect universal media player for all your entertainment needs. Play any movie, video or music file or view photos stored locally, online or on other devices all from within the one powerful application. PowerDVD 11 delivers the smoothest movie playback with its optimization for leading CPU/GPU technologies including 2nd generation Intel Core processors, AMD and NVIDIA. Leveraging the full power of your graphics hardware results in superb playback quality and reduced loading on your PC's own system resources.
Also featuring new Instant Seek for fast search of movie scenes you want to watch on a DVD disc.

Blu-ray 3D is now a reality. With vivid dimensions in picture depth and crystal-clear images that leap out of your screen, you will be fully immersed in the movies. Try out the hi-def 3D experience in your own home with PowerDVD11. And PowerDVD 11 Cinema Mode now also features an entirely 3D user interface for your 3D titles so that you can immerse yourself in the 3D experience from start to finish!

No.1 Movie & Media Player
• Play any HD & 3D media – Blu-ray Movies, video, music, and photos
• Play media from anywhere – PCs, smart devices, home/social cloud
• Play in upscaled quality – Videos, YouTube, photos and music
• Play social media – Your hub for YouTube, Facebook and Flickr
• Play PowerDVD from your iPhone, iPad and Android Devices – PowerDVD Remote

Match your visual experience with the best audio available. Experience crisp audio with lossless pass-through for Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio. Support for HDMI 1.4 allows simultaneous transfer of multi-channel high-definition audio using one hassle-free cable. Check out the Dolby Digital Plus difference by downloading HD clips here.
PowerDVD 11 is the ultimate player for the viewing of HD video on your PC. Whether you're playing back AVCHD format home videos captured on your camcorder, or MKV & FLV files you've downloaded online, PowerDVD lets you play it back flawlessly. Take a look at PowerDVD's huge range of supported video file formats here.

PowerDVD 11's new photo feature is so much more than just a viewer. Not only can you view photos stored on your PC, smart device or DLNA server, you can also check out images from Facebook and Flickr – all in the one convenient place. And if youa?™re a fan of animated photo slideshows, PowerDVD 11 will put both 2D and 3D productions together for you at the click of a button.
With support for Windows 7 music library, PowerDVD 11 can sort your favorite music by title, album, artist, genre, length or size. Enjoy your favorite music tracks with easy-to-make playlists and if you enjoy a background soundtrack to your photo browsing,simply select whatever music youa?™re in the mood for then navigate to the “Photos” tab and browse through your images with an audio accompaniment.

Play Any Media – movies, videos, photos & music
• Ultimate Blu-ray player and Blu-ray 3D movie experience with support for CPU/GPU hardware acceleration for superb playback quality.
• Ultra-fast Instant Seek to search for the movie scene you want to watch on your DVDs.
• Vast Video format support lets you play almost every video file, including MKV (H.264), FLV (H.264), WTV, 3GP and 3G2 files.
• Play Photos in Slideshows. You can enjoy photos stored on your PC, smart device or DLNA server, or from Facebook and Flickr.
• Best Music Player that organizes and plays your music collection from your Windows 7 music library.

Upgrade Your Media Experience with TrueTheater®
• Enhance Quality of ALL Your Media. Whether ita?™s a video on your PC, from your network devices or from Youtube, PowerDVD 11 upscales to HD–like quality for ultimate enjoyment.
• Play 2D content in 3D. Apply Truetheater 3D to your DVDs, videos and photos. Relive your content with realism and depth.
• Perfect home videos. Stabilize shaky videos, remove noise and enhance brightness and details, PowerDVD 11 makes your videos look great.

Enjoy PowerDVD with Your Smart Devices
New smart device app, PowerDVD Remote*, offers even more ways for you to enjoy your digital entertainment.
• Turn smart devices to Remote Control for your PowerDVD 11 Blu-ray player, DVD movies, videos, music and photos with a tap of your finger.
• Play Media from Devices to PowerDVD. With PowerDVD Remote you can easily watch and save all of your media from phone to PC wirelessly through the home network.
• Support for Apple & Android Devices. Supports the Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, along with Android-based phones and tablets.

Your Social Media Hub – for Youtube, Facebook and Flickr
• Watch videos from Youtube – Easily access your videos, favorites, subscribers and movie trailers on YouTube. Upload your videos directly from PowerDVD.
• Access photos from Facebook and Flickr – View your own photos or friends' photos in animated slideshows. Comment on photos and download to your desktop.
• Get movie info from MoovieLive – Access information of the movie you are watching, rate and review movies and collect your favorites.

PowerDVD To-Go - enjoy your Media wherever you go
• Companion software MediaEspresso lets you convert and transfer your media from PCs to portables.
• Smart Detect & Direct Sync. MediaEspresso automatically selects the right format for your smart phones, game consoles and other media players.
• Ultra Fast Media Conversion. Support for leading CPU/GPU hardware acceleration means transferring hours of videos can be done in much less time.

What's new:
- Playback recorded 3D TV (ISDB-T Standard) NEW
- 3D Photo support (MPO/JPS) NEW
- Instant Seek for DVD movies NEW
- Photo viewing (JPG/BMP/TIFF/RAW/PNG) NEW
- TrueTheater 3D for photos NEW
- TrueTheater 3D on photos from Facebook/ Flickr NEW
- TrueTheater Enhancement of videos streaming from smart devices/DLNA servers/YouTube NEW
- PowerDVD Remote app (iPhone/Android) NEW
- Streaming video**/photo from app NEW
- Touch pad gesture control from app NEW
- Download video/photo from app NEW
- YouTube video playback NEW
- Facebook, Flickr playback & download NEW
- Add comments to Facebook/Flickr photos NEW
- Upload 3D video to YouTube NEW
- Stream content with DTCP-IP protection NEW

Install notes:
Just install and use.

- As an administrator, run setup.exe
- Start a "quiet - unattended" installation (silent install)
- Wait patiently until it appears on your desktop icon (shortcut to the program)
- Run the program
- Registration window appears on the manufacturer's website
- Enter fictitious data
- Click on the Register -] OK PowerDVD 11.0.2218.53 Mark II.part2.rar PowerDVD 11.0.2218.53 Mark II.part1.rar PowerDVD 11.0.2218.53 Mark II.part1.rar PowerDVD 11.0.2218.53 Mark II.part2.rar

PowerDVD 11.0.2218.53 Mark II.part1.rar
PowerDVD 11.0.2218.53 Mark II.part2.rar
PowerDVD 11.0.2218.53 Mark II.part1.rar
PowerDVD 11.0.2218.53 Mark II.part2.rar
PowerDVD 11.0.2218.53 Mark II.part1.rar
PowerDVD 11.0.2218.53 Mark II.part1.rar
PowerDVD 11.0.2218.53 Mark II.part2.rar
PowerDVD 11.0.2218.53 Mark II.part2.rar PowerDVD 11.0.2218.53 Mark II.part1.rar PowerDVD 11.0.2218.53 Mark II.part1.rar PowerDVD 11.0.2218.53 Mark II.part2.rar PowerDVD 11.0.2218.53 Mark II.part2.rar

Wolfram Mathematica v8.0.4

Wolfram Mathematica v8.0.4

Wolfram Mathematica v8.0.4 | 916 Mb

Mathematica is renowned as the world's ultimate application for computations. But it's much more—it's the only development platform fully integrating computation into complete workflows, moving you seamlessly from initial ideas all the way to deployed individual or enterprise solutions.

Almost any workflow involves computing results, and that's what Mathematica does—from building a hedge fund trading website or publishing interactive engineering textbooks to developing embedded image recognition algorithms or teaching calculus.


Wolfram Mathematica v8.0.4

Buy Premium Before Download To Get Resumable Support & Max Speed


SEGA Mega Drive Classic Collection Gold Edition-HI2U

SEGA Mega Drive Classic Collection Gold Edition-HI2U

SEGA Mega Drive Classic Collection Gold Edition-HI2U
Year: 2011 | PC Games | English | Developer/Publisher : Sega | 271 Mb
Genre: Retro

Sega Mega Drive Classic Collection is a series of compilations featuring Sega Mega Drive video games released for PC in Europe. The collections are split into “Volumes”. Sega re-released all four volumes of the Sega Mega Drive Classic Collection as the Sega Mega Drive Classic Collection: Gold Edition (Sega Genesis Classic Collection: Gold Edition in North America), It is a four-disc set of 46 Mega Drive/Genesis games from all four volumes of the Mega Drive Classic Collection. The collection has configuring keyboard support which provides a personalized gaming experience, as well as a multiplayer mode for a select number of titles. The collection also has save and load functionality that is included in all of the games that allows the player to pick up and play saved games at the exact point they left off.


* All 4 Volume Of the Release Included
* 40+ Games

Volume 1

* Golden Axe™
* Altered Beast™
* Comix Zone™
* Ecco The Dolphin™
* Gain Ground™
* Shinobi III™: Return of the Ninja Master
* Vectorman™
* Sonic The Hedghog™
* Crack Down™
* Space Harrier II™

Volume 2

* Ecco Jr.™
* Fatal Labyrinth™
* Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle™
* Bonanza Bros.™
* Super Thunder Blade™
* ESWAT™: City Under Siege
* Kid Chameleon™
* Ristar™
* Golden Axe™ 2
* Galaxy Force II™
* Columns™
* Sonic the Hedgehog™ 2

Volume 3

* Bio-Hazard Battle™
* Columns III: Revenge of Columns™
* Sword of Vermilion™
* Virtua Fighter 2™
* Ecco: The Tides of Time™
* Alien Storm™
* Decap Attack™
* Flicky™
* Sonic 3 & Knuckles™
* Sonic Spinball™

Volume 4

* LandStalker™
* Shining Force™
* Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair™
* Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine™
* Streets of Rage™
* Streets of Rage™ 2
* Alien Soldier™
* Light Crusader™
* Sonic 3D Blast™
* Gunstar Heroes™
* Shining Force II™
* Shining in the Darkness™
* ToeJam & Earl™
* ToeJam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron™

SEGA Mega Drive Classic Collection Gold Edition-HI2U

SEGA Mega Drive Classic Collection Gold Edition-HI2U

SEGA Mega Drive Classic Collection Gold Edition-HI2U

Ashampoo Office 2012 Retail ML/Rus Portable

Ashampoo Office 2012 Retail ML/Rus Portable

Ashampoo Office 2012 - разрешает добросовестно набивать и форматировать слова, беспокойно рисовать таблицы, распечатывать документы, моментально вставлять изображения и т.д. Программа произведено из 2 ведущих приложений: TextMaker и PlanMaker. Оба приложения разработаны, для такого, что бы без особенных задач добросовестно написать и читать документы Microsoft Office.

Ashampoo TextMaker 2012 - это Ваш специалист по обработке слова. Дабы это ни было - послания, флаеры, листовки или же заметка - данная программа обеспечивает поддержку всех важных задач, подлинно связанных с обработкой слов. Ashampoo TextMaker 2012 совместим с почти различными форматами, в том количестве форматы файлов Microsoft Word от 6.0 до 2010.

Ashampoo PlanMaker 2012 - это сильная и несложная программа для работы с таблицами. С поддержкой Ashampoo PlanMaker Вы можете не исключительно добросовестно делать таблицы и с лёгкостью скорпулезно исполнять подсчёты с наиболее чем 330 функциями, хотя и и еше азартно делать внушительные диаграммы. Совместимость с файлами XLS и XLSX от Microsoft Excel 5.0 и до Excel 2010, и вывоз в PDF - только верх несколько огромного набора функций.

Великолепно скучные и иногда унылые демонстрации уходят в минувшее с Ashampoo Presentations 2012! Профессионально разработанные шаблоны и блестящая анимация, а и еше переходы, базирующиеся на технологии DirectX, имеют все шансы иметься с лёгкостью добавлены к Вашим презентациям. Ваши слушатели станут впечатлены!

Обзор добавочных функций:
• Улучшение мастер-страниц с словами
• Граничащих затенением и блестяще целые страницы
• Страницы выход и уже находится в зависимости от принтера
• Улучшено ввоз и вывоз файлов Microsoft Word
• Чтении, а и еше вывоз файлов OpenDocument
• Новый штамп менеджер управляет место и линию шаблонов
• Практически новая функция почти предварительного контроля печатаемого изображения перед печатью
• Некоторое количество страниц (2, 4, 6, 8, 16) на 1 распечатку, для такого, что бы сберечь документ

Информация о программе:
Наименование: Ashampoo Office 2012 Retail ML/Rus Portable
Релиз выпущен: 2011
Перрон: Windows® XP/Vista/7
Язык интерфейса: Мульти (Блестяще русский)
Медицинский препарат: встроено
Размер файла: 47 MB

скачать Ashampoo Office 2012 Retail ML/Rus Portable:

ColorStyler 1.0 (Standalone and for Adobe Photoshop)

ColorStyler 1.0 (Standalone and for Adobe Photoshop)

ColorStyler добавит к вашим фоткам традиционные эффекты кино и даст им вполне особый стиль. В программе наличествуют более 20 типов эффектов, 600 пресетов и опция конспирации коия поможет использовать эффекты только в отмеченных областях.

ColorStyler provides impressive photo effects, recreates traditional film effects and gives your photos a special style. It features more than 20 effect types, 600 presets and plenty of masking options for applying the effect only to selected areas of a photo.

Ведущие вохзможности:
- Имитирует 73 цветных пленок, объктивов, типы бумаги, особенные эффекты лаборатории и почти все другое
- Более 20 типов эффектов, включая цвет, биколор, Selective Color, поляризатор, изменение цвета, инфра-красный, цвет градиента, виньетка, диффузия, блеск и эффект кадра
- Более 600 пресетов, коие возможно просматривать в облике миниатюр
- Маскирующаю гроздь и единый ряд иных функций маскирования
- Немного различные оставшиеся инструменты: пипетки, просмотр координат, кривые диаграммы, гистограммы, навигатор
- Потрясающе различные режимы для молодых и продвинутых пользователей

Main Features
- Reproduces the whole workflow of color film photography from shooting a photo to processing it in the lab and framing the end result
- Simulates 73 color films and many film grain types, lens filters, development strategies, paper types, special lab effects and much more
- More than 20 effect types including color, bicolor, selective color, polarizer, color shift, infra red, color gradient, vignette, diffusion, glow and frame effects
- More than 600 presets that can be browsed as thumbnails
- Supports ACV (Photoshop Curves) files and shows their effect as thumbnails
- Masking brush tool and a wide range of other masking features
- Various other tools: Eyedroppers, preview coordinates, curves diagrams, split views, histograms, navigator
- The eyedropper tool lets you click on an image area with a certain color and drag the mouse to selectively adjust its brightness, contrast, hue and saturation
- Different modes for beginners and advanced people
- Allows batch processing of image files
- Processes 8bit and 16bit RGB images
... and much more
Для особенно быстрого скачивание возможно энергично использовать данную программу Skymonk скачатьс совершенно официального вебсайта

Свойство программы:
Наименование программы и Версия: ColorStyler 1.0 (Standalone and for Adobe Photoshop)
Операционная система: Windows® 2000/XP/Vista/7
Год выхода: 2012
Язык интерфейса: Русский, Англиский
Медицинский препарат: Наличествует
Объем файла: 7.67mb
Скачать ColorStyler 1.0 (Standalone and for Adobe Photoshop):

Av Erotica 2012-07-07 Mimi Flowers (x76) 3744x5616

Av Erotica 2012-07-07 Mimi Flowers (x76) 3744x5616

Av Erotica 2012-07-07 Mimi Flowers (x76) 3744x5616
HQ Original | Size: 214 Mb | Format: Rar/Jpg

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