PhotoPlus - January 2012 (UK) (HQ PDF)

PhotoPlus - January 2012 (UK) (HQ PDF)
PhotoPlus - January 2012 (UK)
English | HQ PDF | 140 pages | 124 Mb

PhotoPlus magazine will help you take better photos, through a mixture of jargon-free guides, essential photographic techniques and no-nonsense Photoshop lessons. Unlike other photo magazines, each month a subscription to PhotoPlus magazine shows you what to do with your photos when the shooting and editing is done - every month you'll find exciting new ways to print and share your pictures. PhotoPlus magazine is 100% Canon - so you can be sure the magazine is 100% relevant to your camera, and your needs. And every issue will come with a fantastic videodisc, crammed with easy to follow Photoshop and Photoshop Elements tutorials. PhotoPlus magazine also makes a great gift subscription for anyone interested in the world of digital cameras and has a love for photography!

Intuit Learning QuickBooks for Windows 2012

Intuit Learning QuickBooks for Windows 2012
Intuit Learning QuickBooks for Windows 2012
English | ISO | 297MB
Genre: eLearning

Learning QuickBooks takes you step-by-step through the essentials of mastering QuickBooks basics, with highly qualified instructors teaching you key tasks using real-life examples. You'll get an introduction to bookkeeping fundamentals - without all the technical jargon, and gain the confidence of knowing you're "doing it right."

How Learning QuickBooks for Windows Can Help You
Become a Confident QuickBooks User
Learn accounting fundamentals
Know performed tasks and why they're important
Avoid the most common mistakes

Duration: 3 total hours of training
Designed for New QuickBooks Users Running:
QuickBooks Pro 2012
QuickBooks Premier 2012 (all versions)

Topics Covered
An overview of bookkeeping basics
Orientation to QuickBooks
Why good accounting is crucial to your business
How to set-up your data in QuickBooks and get started the right way
Essential QuickBooks tasks, like invoicing, receiving payments, and paying bills
Guidance on early key decisions
Introduction to financial statements
Setting up your chart of accounts
Using QuickBooks for billing customers
Receiving payments and making deposits
Monitoring customer payment status
Entering and paying bills
Writing and voiding checks
Reconciling bank accounts
Backing up your QuickBooks data
When to consult your accountant
Shortcuts, tips and tricks for working faster in QuickBooks
Interpreting reports
Analyzing trends

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Aard Dictionary v.1.3.1 | RUS + ENG | Platform: Android 1.5 + | Type of Installer: APK, COPY | 2011

Aard Dictionary v.1.3.1 | RUS + ENG | Platform: Android 1.5 + | Type of Installer: APK, COPY | 2011

Aard Dictionary v.1.3.1 | RUS + ENG | Platform: Android 1.5 + | Type of Installer: APK, COPY | 2011 | 2.24 GB

Aard Dictionary - multiplatform dictionary and offline reader Wikipedia.
? Quick search words, even in these awkward references like Wikipedia
? Search for words in a large number ve different dictionaries without switching language direction
? Uses the same compression efficiency as dictionaries and desktop version
? uses a dictionary with the extension. Aar
? It has two main menu areas: Search and entries and two support: Dictionaries and Info on dictionaries

? Content:
- Wikipedia RUS
- The Collaborative International Dictionary of English
- The Jargon File
- Wikispecies (angl.249, 681 article) (Wikispecies - a project of the Wikimedia Foundation, conceived as an open and free directory of species containing the classification of animals, plants, fungi, bacteria, archaea, protists, and all other forms of life. Now the project is 300.631 article .)
- WordNet

Note. Dictionary files load on the memory card can be a separate folder

Aard Dictionary v.1.3.1 | RUS + ENG | Platform: Android 1.5 + | Type of Installer: APK, COPY | 2011

Video2Brain: 2D Character Animation in After Effects

Video2Brain: 2D Character Animation in After Effects

Video2Brain: 2D Character Animation in After Effects
English | Video: MP4 700x394 | +Project + 2 ebooks | 585 MB
Genre: eLearning

As a freelance illustrator and motion graphics designer, Angie Taylor uses After Effects every day to create artwork and animations of various styles. As a result, she's developed some powerful techniques for creating quick but compelling 2D animation, and in this workshop she shares them with you. You’ll learn how to import layered files and paths from Illustrator into After Effects and how to animate flat vector artwork in both 2D and 3D space.

Topics covered include:
Setting up After Effects for creating 2D character animation
Using input devices to capture motion and apply it to your characters
Creating animation and lip-syncing with audio files, using expressions and scripting to make the process easier
Applying grouping techniques and using parenting to create hierarchical animations
Following the best working practices for outputting your animations for the web, TV, and mobile devices
All this is presented in a series of short, focused, and solution-oriented videos that steer clear of technical jargon. Whether you're a motion graphic designer, animator, storyboard artist, video editor, or illustrator, if you want to create 2D animation from flat, vector-based artwork, this is the workshop for you.

Video2Brain: 2D Character Animation in After Effects

Colloquial Serbian. The Complete Course For Beginners (Аудиокнига)

Colloquial Serbian. The Complete Course For Beginners (Аудиокнига)

Самоучитель сербского языка. Произведено из 20 уроков, в любой из коих входит разговор, грамматическая часть, лексика и упражнения.

Наименование: Colloquial Serbian. The Complete Course For Beginners
Автор: Celia Hawkesworth
Издательство: Routledge
Год выпуска: 2006
Серия: Colloquial Series
Страниц: 376
Формат: pdf, flac
Размер: 637.15 Мб
Качество: замечательное
Язык: британский, сербский

Colloquial Serbian provides a step-by-step course in Serbian as it is written and spoken today.
Combining a user-friendly approach with a thorough treatment of the language, it equips learners with the essential skills needed to communicate confidently and effectively in Serbian in a broad range of situations.

No prior knowledge of the language is required.
Key features include:
progressive coverage of speaking, listening, reading and writing skills
structured, jargon-free explanations of grammar
an extensive range of focused and stimulating exercises
realistic and entertaining dialogues covering a broad variety of scenarios
useful vocabulary lists throughout the text
additional resources available at the back of the book, including a full answer key, a grammar summary and bilingual glossaries
Balanced, comprehensive and rewarding, Colloquial Serbian will be an indispensable resource both for independent learners and students taking courses in Serbian.

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Michael Lee Firkins - Mastering Lead Guitar (VHSRip + PDF)

Michael Lee Firkins - Mastering Lead Guitar (VHSRip + PDF)

Michael Lee Firkins - Mastering Lead Guitar
VHSRip | English | AVI | Xvid 710x566 25.00fps | MPEG Audio Layer 3 44100Hz mono 63 kbps | 0:52:06 | 1.2 GB
Hot Licks | VHS Release Date: 1992 | ASIN: B002YMWWR6
Genre: Video Training

Michael Lee Firkins gives a thorough and well-rounded lesson dealing with scales and routines, whammy bar effects for unique slide and pedal steel sounds, overdubbing lead harmonies and solos over a rhythm part, blues leads, tapping effects and real tapping for lightning fast runs, fingerpicking for both lead and rhythm, Jimmy Page and Joe Walsh styles, special harmonica and banjo effects, open-string tapping styles, and advanced sweeping and arpeggio techniques and exercises.

Michael Lee Firkins falls in with the same group of guitar virtuosos as Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, and Vinnie Moore -- guitarists who were part of the heavy metal instrumental wave of the '80s. Having played with the Howling Iguanas as well as producing three solo albums, Firkins is considered one of the best guitarists around. With this title happily on his mantle, it is no wonder that Arlen Roth and the Hot Licks Video crew convinced Firkins to sit down in front of the camera, plug in his axe and show the aspiring guitarists of the world how to wail. In Mastering Lead Guitar Michael Lee Firkins covers a great deal of ground, showing how to create a practice routine consisting of scale, whammy bar exercises, blues leads, tapping effects, and finger picking that will help any lead guitarist sound all the more authentic. Though this tutorial is easily followed and understood, the pupil should have some basic guitar knowledge and understanding of jargon before committing to this lesson.

Michael Lee Firkins - Mastering Lead Guitar (VHSRip + PDF)

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Everyday Computing with Windows 8.1 (2015)

Everyday Computing with Windows 8.1 (2015)

Данная книжка, ежедневной работы с Windows 8.1 обеспечивает предметы 1 надобности с поддержкой совершенно персонального компьютера или же ноутбука под управлением Windows 8.1, обеспечивая слишком быстрое чтение для молодых и энтузиастов. Способы проиллюстрированы шаг за шагом, используя фотке и экран принты везде, совместно с кратким, просто следовать комментариев от установленной специалистом в данной области. В случае если вы исключительно что приобрели свой потрясающе первый компьютер или же ноутбук или же компьютер юзера, коий нуждается в наиболее основательное осознание почв, данная книжка даст вам изредка твердое понимание весьма научного обоснования почв и вооружить вас с навыками, довольно необходимыми, дабы принять командование вашего компьютера.

Get the most out of Windows 8.1 for your every day computing tasks, with no jargon. Clear, concise and to the point. This brief book, Everyday Computing With Windows 8.1 provides the essentials of using a desktop or laptop running Windows 8 or 8.1, providing a fast read for the beginner and the enthusiast. Windows 8 can give new users fits with options that are well hidden; this book uncovers those so that the user can be relieved of frustration. Techniques are illustrated step-by-step using photography and screen prints throughout, together with concise, easy to follow explanations from an established expert in the field. Whether you have just bought your first computer or laptop or are a computer user who needs a better understanding of the basics, this book will provide you with a firm grasp of the underpinning foundations and equip you with the skills needed to take command of your computer.

Информация о книге
Автор: Kevin Wilson
Наименование: Everyday Computing with Windows 8.1
Издательство: Apress
Год издания: 2015
Страниц: 134
Язык: english
Формат: PDF
Объем: 8.94 Mb

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Digital Cinema Filmmaking DVD Course (2011) DVD-Rip

Digital Cinema Filmmaking DVD Course (2011) DVD-Rip

Digital Cinema Filmmaking DVD Course (2011) DVD-Rip
Language: English
MP4 | H264 1500kbps | 720 x 480 23.98fps | AAC 224 kbps | 13.70 GB
Genre: E-Learning

The Command Course Basic
25+ Hours of Learning (Basic)

DCT-MP Movie Production Set (6 DVDs)
DCT-BP Basic Production Set (2 DVDs)
DCT-LS Lighting Production Set (4 DVDs)
DCT-GG Gear Guide (8 DVDs)
DCT-FM1 Field Manual
DCT-PCL Production Checklist
DCT-NP Notepad and Pen
DCT-PCD Pre-Production CDpt

DCT-MP, BP, and LS: 20 DVDs That teach Filmmaking from Writing to Post. All DVDs feature: Motion Menus and Instant-Access Chapter buttons. The most revolutionary training course you will ever own. Over 30 hours of filmmaking savvy, wisdom, examples, demonstrations, tips and tricks, presented on 20 DVDs by people who work in Hollywood day in, day out. Learn scriptwriting, Formatting, Editing, Camera Operation, Lighting, Exposure, Audio, and Directing, all focused on Digital Movies.

DCT-MP/COMMAND (12 DVDs) Components:

DCT-MP, BP, and LS: 20 DVDs That teach Filmmaking from Writing to Post. All DVDs feature: Motion Menus and Instant-Access Chapter buttons. The most revolutionary training course you will ever own. Over 30 hours of filmmaking savvy, wisdom, examples, demonstrations, tips and tricks, presented on 20 DVDs by people who work in Hollywood day in, day out. Learn scriptwriting, Formatting, Editing, Camera Operation, Lighting, Exposure, Audio, and Directing, all focused on Digital Movies. DCT-BP (Basic Production): 10-Point lighting, the jargon and motive behind each light source, as well as balancing them together with Quality, Quantity, Direction, and Color. Composition concepts: Law of Thirds, Screen Mass, Triangular Dominance, Color Harmony, and Planar Separation, as well as the psychological impact of each. Also, Lenses, Depth of Field, Shots, Axes of Motion, Makeup, and Steadicam. DCT-MP (Movie Production): Screenwriting, Directing, Acting. Add foreground detail and make a dolly move really count, block your actors to match their eyelines, compose your shots to set the audience at ease (or not), and light the set with a minimum of fixtures. DCT-LS (Lighting Set): 10 complete sections devoted to Pro lighting. Matching your lighting to fire-light, Christmas lights, uncorrected fluorescents, flashlights, candles, lighting chrome weapons, and groups of actors at a card table scene. When you finish the last DVD of this series, your mind will be overloaded. You will never watch movies the same way again, knowing that the "Natural Sunset" light inside an apartment is actually tungsten light off a gold reflector, and that there is a reason why directors move the actors in specific axes.

The Digital Cinema Course begins by detailed instructions on building a screenplay with proper structure and solid characters. Many screen writing textbooks have also done this, but the course is the first to do it by use of a dramatic short film teaching writers the basics of overcoming obstacles and disasters. This is then furthered by second more concise section outlining how to write in clear instructions. It categorizes specific methods and tools, and inspires writers who may have given up on dramatic storytelling. The following section describes how to physically construct a screenplay, what paper to use, how to bind it, and how to format the content. This is done with the use of computer graphics. Once the storytelling sections are complete, the course moves on to teach film editing. Starting with the history of editing and progressing to current digital nonlinear editing, the section prepares the filmmaker for the field. It abides by the rule that the best cinematographer or director is first a competent editor. After the editing section, the course moves on to discuss filmmaking equipment and gear, from the basic C-stand to the intricate use of color gels and corrective filtration. It prepares filmmakers for the technical aspect of making movies with HMI, tungsten, and fluorescent lighting. After the equipment section, it explores basic production in a controlled studio environment. Lighting, lenses, shots, depth of field, composition, and axes of movement. The course then applies all the concepts learned in the movie production section. By far the longest of the sections, at about 12 hours, it puts all the principles to the test on a real movie set. It carries with it all the variables that can assault filmmakers while trying to make a digital film. After the movie production section has been completed, the course moves on to the advanced lighting section. This is the most detailed of the sections, concentrating for hours on the art of lighting a film set with faith to the script's intention. Whether lighting to mimic candlelight, firelight, or fluorescent warehouse lighting, this section discusses the most difficult situations that a cinematographer may confront. The Digital Cinema Course is also accompanied by a color technical manual for the field, a checklist, and a preparation CD.

DCT-GG Gear Guide (8 DVDs) Components:

DCT-FF: Focuses on Follow Focus Devices with Karl Horn from Cinetech. This DVD is already included in the DCT-MP/COMMAND Course. However if only specialized instruction is needed, the DCT-FF volume teaches Focus Pulling Techniques, Follow Focus Types, Single/Double Wheel, Whips and Extensions, Speed Cranks, Rear-Firing Configs and much more. The more you shoot with your Pro HD or SD Digital Cinema Camera, the more you will rely on the focusing dial to create more dramatic transitions into actors or objects. The more you focus with your camera dial, the more you will feel that your wrist is not in the correct ergonomic position to achieve the best focus pulls. That's where follow focus wheels come in. They reorient the direction of the focus dial to one that more easily fits the movement of the human body. Also, they give you focus stops, so that you don't have to guess where your subject is. Just set up the A and B stops, and go from A to B. No guess work. This comes in very handy in cameras that do not have numerical readouts for focus marks. Another very useful facet of focus pulling devices, is their ability to allow attachment of whips or extensions. This allows you to "pull" focus from behind the camera, more comfortably. It also allows another professional, the "focus puller" to pull focus for you, so that you can just concentrate on panning and tilting the camera with the actor. The DCT-FF DVD will teach you all that, and much more.

DCT-FLUO: Focuses on Fluoresecents with Frieder Hocheim and Tom Jacob from KinoFlo. This DVD is already included in the DCT-MP/COMMAND Course. However if only specialized instruction is needed, the DCT-FLUO volume teaches Fluorescent Fixtures, Large Studio Models, Small Portable Models, Diffusion Techniques, Dimming, DMX Controls, Daylight/Interior Bulbs, Special Effects, 12V Car Models and much more. The more your lighting experience increases, the more likely you will rely on Fluorescent lighting. It is perfectly tungsten or daylight balanced, soft, emits almost no heat, and is dimmable with very little shift in color temperature. However, the subject of fluorescent lighting is very complicated. Which instruments do you use? Which color temperature? Do you match with the window or the other tungsten instruments? How do you perform DMX dimming and networking? How do you safely replace bulbs? What color options are there? How do you safely regulate power output of the DC supplies? All these questions plus many more are answered in the DCT-FLUO DVD.

DCT-GELS: Focuses on Gels and Lighting Modifiers with Joel Svendsen from Rosco Gels. This DVD is already included in the DCT-MP/COMMAND Course. However if only specialized instruction is needed, the DCT-GELS volume teaches Correction Gels, Film vs. Video Intensities, Color Effect Gels, Modifiers for Stage Lights, Daylight Balance Gels, Tungsten Balance Gels and much more. The more your lighting experience increases, the more likely you will rely on color gels for correcting instruments or creating a mood. However, the subject of gels is very complicated. Which type of gel do you use? How much color temperature correction is necessary? Do you match an HMI instrument with the window or the other tungsten instruments? How does gelling an instrument differ from Digital HD to Film? How do you safely use gels? What options are there in color and and mood? Both Straw and Amber gels cause a mathematical warming shift in the color temperature, so why are there two different types? All these questions plus many more are answered in the DCT-GELS DVD.

DCT-GRDR: Focuses on Gear Rental with Steve Tobenkin from Birns & Sawyer in Hollywood. This DVD is already included in the DCT-MP/COMMAND Course. However if only specialized instruction is needed, the DCT-GELS volume teaches Safe Renting Practices, Rental Contracts, Insurance Types, Negotiating Travel Days, 3-Day Weeks, Building Relationships, Trust and Credit, Economies of Scale and much more. As your reputation improves in your filmmaking circle, you will be called upon to shoot bigger and bigger jobs. It would not make sense to own 4 different cameras when you primarily use just one, especially when the other cameras are used only once or twice a year, or cost $120,000. Enter the rental house. You can get a great camera package, lights, grip gear, and stay within budget. The entire rental is tax deductible as an expense, as opposed to amortizing an expensive camera package for 7 years. You don't have to take out a loan for it. Just get a down payment from the production company, rent the gear, use it, then return it. Makes sense, sounds easy. It's not. It is a very complicated process that sometimes takes several disasters to fully respect. You can avert most disasters by carefully viewing the DCT-GR Gear Rental DVD. Mr. Tobenkin teaches you all the ins and outs of safely renting gear, as well as avoiding common horrors of discovering that "mysterious disappearances" are not covered by insurance companies, and can leave you penniless for years. For over an hour, he guides you through every line of a common rental contract, explains every term, and gives you real street-advice every step of the way. Rent safely with the DCT-GR volume, also included in the DCT-MP/COMMAND Course.

DCT-GRIP: Focuses on Grip Gear with Ed Phillips from MSE (Matthews Studio Equipment). This DVD is already included in the DCT-MP/COMMAND Course. However if only specialized instruction is needed, the DCT-GRIP volume teaches C-Stands, Light Stands, Combo Stands, Flags, Black Net, Silks and Diffusers, Cucaloris Modifiers, Cutters, Dots and Fingers and much more. The more your production experience increases, the more likely you will rely on professional grip equipment. Also, your ability to identify and use grip gear on the set will earn the respect of your peers and employers. Pro gear lasts longer, looks more professional, holds weight more securely, and helps you sculpt precision-lit sets with flags and scrim. Which light stands do you use? Which clamps for which lights? How do you safely equip, mount, and weight-balance a C-stand? How do cheaply made roller stands differ from professional ones? What is the difference between a preemie, a HiHi, and a combo stand? What is the difference between a half-apple and a pancake? All these questions plus many more are answered in the DCT-GRIP DVD.

DCT-HDL: Focuses on Heavy Dollies with 35-year Veteran Hollywood Key Grip Chet Spinney. This DVD is already included in the DCT-MP/COMMAND Course. However if only specialized instruction is needed, the DCT-HDL volume teaches Heavy Studio Dollies, Balancing Dolly Track, Proper Dollying Methods, Dolly & Jib Moves, Pro Mic Booms and much more. You can get away with using compact dollies on many occasions, but there are certain situations where you will be required to help set up or operate a heavy dolly. Mr. Spinney will help you understand the principles of balancing a dolly track, pushing techniques, proper movement, and braking. After that, Mr. Steve Schuneman will share his extensive experience operating Pro Mic Booms on multi-million dollar TV shows. He will show you how to operate a pro mic boom, or communicate with your boom operator so that you can have a more productive set experience. As a filmmaker, you should be familiar with the operation and terminology, facets and limitations, of every piece of equipment on the set. This DVD will help get you one step farther, in a generally ignored part of the industry that doesn't get the glitz of body-mounted camera systems, but has been a mainstay of every indie and studio film for 60 years.

DCT-LENS: Focuses on Diopters, Converters, and Filters with Bill Turner from Schneider Optics. This DVD is already included in the DCT-MP/COMMAND Course. However if only specialized instruction is needed, the DCT-LENS volume teaches Diopters, Wide and TeleConverters, Adapters, 4x4 Filters Polarizers, Graduated ND Filters, Color Filters and much more. The more you work with your fixed-lens camera, the more you will want to modify the optics of that lens beyond its capability. You will want a wider wide angle, and a deeper telephoto. The only way of achieving that is with the use of Wide Angle Adapters and Converters, as well as Telephoto Converters. Learn the difference between a converter, an adapter, and a diopter. Learn how to film just one part of the face, like just the lips or the eyes. Learn how to select the correct attachment for your camera, and get the most out of it. Learn how to make a penny fill the frame. Also, learn how to protect your camera from misuse of large converters. After that, jump into filters. Learn how to darken a bright sky to get it within the dynamic range of HDV, but not affect the rest of the scene, how to see through reflections, how to darken the overall scene to allow a wider aperture for shallower depth of field. All these subjects and many more are covered in the DCT-LENS DVD.

DCT-MB: Focuses on Matteboxes & Zoom Controllers with James Lee from 16x9inc. (Chrosziel and Bebob). This DVD is already included in the DCT-MP/COMMAND Course. However if only specialized instruction is needed, the DCT-MB volume teaches Mounting Matteboxes, Using French Flags, Side Flags, Baseplates and Rods, Sunshades, Filter Holders, Camera Design Issues, Zoom Controllers, Electronic Focus and much more. How do they achieve that crisp, contrasty look in films, even when shooting into the sun? Why is it that when you try it, the shot is milky or hazy? The mattebox is the device that solves that problem. It's great shooting into the sun: You get great highlights everywhere, the actors are naturally backlit, the sun isn't in their eyes, and the scene looks more dynamic. But you need protection for the camera lens from haze and the major culprit, flare. Matteboxes allow you to control flare like never before. They also allow you to mount 4x4 and sometimes 4x5.65 filters demonstrated in the DCT-LENS DVD. They also shade your wide angle lens adapters which may or may not come with their own lens hoods. After that, learn all about the essential zoom controller. Even if you never zoom in the shot (as any pro filmmaker would) you need a zoom controller to easily change the focal length of your lens without moving your hand away from the pan handle. If you need to zoom for say, an industrial or how-to video, or for effect, the zoom controller is indispensable for providing a smooth focal length change without unnecessary jitter on the camera body. Learn all about electronic zoom and focus controllers in the DCT-MB DVD.

DCT-ONCM: Focuses on Pedestals, Jibs, and Camera Lights with David Butler from Ste-Man (Cartoni and PAG). This DVD is already included in the DCT-MP/COMMAND Course. However if only specialized instruction is needed, the DCT-ONCM volume teaches Studio Pedestals, Compact Jibs, On-Camera Lights, Dichroic Filters, Diffusing Eye-Lights, 3-Wheel Dollies, Battery Chemistry, Underwater Bags and much more. You already have a dolly that will get you closer to your subject in a more dynamic smooth manner. But what happens when you need to rise up with the actor as he gets out of a chair or a car, or goes up the stairs? To maintain a smooth movement akin to a dolly, but in a vertical direction, you need a jib. Enter the DCT-ONCM DVD. Learn how to use jibs, their axes of motion, and techniques. This DVD goes much further, and explains the usage of on-camera lights. You are in a situation where the interior illumination is too low for your camera to see the subject, and it is beyond your control to raise the ambient light level or bring in a studio light. You need the battery operated camera light. Learn how to use them and all the accessories, as well as the battery systems and chemistries that match them. You are opening a new studio, and you don't want to simply use a tripod on wheels. You want the ease of use and heavy weight of a studio pedestal with a vertical pneumatic lift. Learn how to use them, bleed excess pressure, maneuver and operate them. You have a shot that requires a camera to be inserted underwater, or in a situation where it may be splashed by waves from below. You need an underwater bag, and this DVD shows you how to use the most trusted and popular types. You want a body-mounted camera support that offers you full range of motion, but you don't need a full steadicam or can't afford one. This DVD shows you how to mount and operate the popular PAG Orbitor body mounted system.

DCT-PODS: Focuses on Tripods, Bags, and Reflectors with Mark Bender from Bogen Imaging. This DVD is already included in the DCT-MP/COMMAND Course. However if only specialized instruction is needed, the DCT-PODS volume teaches Light Duty Tripods, Medium Duty Tripods, Heavy Capacity Tripods, Camera Bags, Reflectors and much more. The more you use your pro camera, the more you find that it deserves a better ride than a Sears tool bag. Enter pro camera bags, specifically designed to safely and lightly carry cameras and accessories. Learn to pick the right type, and how to make it work for the projects you are involved in. Also, learn how to setup and operate light and heavy tripods, the difference between friction and fluid heads, and what capacity is required of a tripod to do the job. An added bonus is a section on reflector types, what uses they have, and how to get the most out of them.

DCT-TGHM: Focuses on Tungsten and H.M.I Fresnels, with John Gresch from Arri Lighting. This DVD is already included in the DCT-MP/COMMAND Course. However if only specialized instruction is needed, the DCT-TGHM volume teaches Tungsten Fresnels, HMI Fresnels, Changing Lenses, Changing Bulbs, Attaching Softboxes, Using Snoots, Safety, Spotting/Flooding and much more. Just as important as selecting the correct camera and mic, is selecting the proper light kit. The more experienced you become, the less you'll be willing to settle for "natural" overhead fluorescent lights, with blown out highlights, a green cast, and deep shadows under the actors' eyes. You will want to sculpt your frame, light the actors properly and dramatically, and throw shadows on parts of the background that you don't like. You will need a professional fresnel light kit, and this DVD will show you how to use it. It will go into great detail, from the moment you take the lights out of the box, to tearing down the softbox attachment and packing the kit away. The DCT-TGHM is the right DVD for those filmmakers wanting to get more out of their light kits. The information contained is mostly general, and applies to many other lighting systems. Cinema Filmmaking DVD Course (2011) DVD-Rip.part13.rar Cinema Filmmaking DVD Course (2011) DVD-Rip.part12.rar Cinema Filmmaking DVD Course (2011) DVD-Rip.part14.rar Cinema Filmmaking DVD Course (2011) DVD-Rip.part11.rar Cinema Filmmaking DVD Course (2011) DVD-Rip.part10.rar Cinema Filmmaking DVD Course (2011) DVD-Rip.part09.rar Cinema Filmmaking DVD Course (2011) DVD-Rip.part05.rar Cinema Filmmaking DVD Course (2011) DVD-Rip.part03.rar Cinema Filmmaking DVD Course (2011) DVD-Rip.part08.rar Cinema Filmmaking DVD Course (2011) DVD-Rip.part07.rar Cinema Filmmaking DVD Course (2011) DVD-Rip.part04.rar Cinema Filmmaking DVD Course (2011) DVD-Rip.part06.rar Cinema Filmmaking DVD Course (2011) DVD-Rip.part02.rar Cinema Filmmaking DVD Course (2011) DVD-Rip.part01.rar

Rockstar Games Collection (1998-2010/MULTI2/Repack by PHPDog)

Rockstar Games Collection (1998-2010/MULTI2/Repack by PHPDog)

Rockstar Games Collection (1998-2010/MULTI2/Repack by PHPDog)
Year: 1998 - 2010 | PC | Eng, Rus | Developer : DMA Design/Rockstar North | Publisher : Rockstar Games | 52.7 Gb
Genre : Action / Arcade / 3D / 3rd Person

"Rockstar Games brings some of most viscerally engaging games the industry has ever witnessed to Steam's expansive library of titles," says Jason Holtman, director of Steam business development. "We're delighted to provide a place where gamers across the globe can discover all the fine work Rockstar Games has produced."

The collection includes :

Bully: Scholarship Edition
Fifteen-year bully Jimmy Hopkins comes to the academy Bulvort - boarding school with a very dubious reputation. In its walls to the young hero to be more than a sip of teenage pleasures - with all its consequences. rackety life, complicated relationships with girls, violent scuffles with the seniors, the machinations of my classmates, the excitement of sports, difficulty with exams - shkolyarskaya life is full of thrills, especially in Academy of the worst in New England.

Grand Theft Auto
Grand Theft Auto (GTA) - the cult of video games, the first part of the popular series Grand Theft Auto, which has ten independent games. The player will assume the role of a criminal who can move freely around the city and perform various missions or assignments such as bank robberies, assassinations and other crimes.

Grand Theft Auto: London 1961 / 1969
Grand Theft Auto: London 1969 The game is set in London in 1969. The player will once again carry out various missions in the role of the offender, rising through the ranks of organized crime. Interim campaign setting allowed developers to add the game a lot of references to the culture of the 60s, including the appearance of the character, reminiscent of James Bond and the use of typical jargon. In the dialogues GTA: London 1969 can be found such memorable phrases as «Oy, stop right there!», «You're nicked!» And «You're brown bread!». And of course, the game is respected left-hand drive, adopted in the UK. > Grand Theft Auto: London 1961 is set in London for eight years before London 1969. In this appendix the player will face new missions, 22 new vehicles, a new movie, as well as in the multiplayer mode is Deathmatch, based on the English city of Manchester. It is interesting that a GTA London 1961 is available only to holders of the PC, and downloaded for free (only 7 megabytes). However, the amendment requires installation London 1969 (available for PS and PC), which in turn requires the original Grand Theft Auto. 1961 London is one of the lesser known games in the series Grand Theft Auto. This policy has contributed to Rockstar Games, which does not advertise addition, it is available for download on their site through unfriendly menus, etc., etc., etc. ...

Grand Theft Auto 2
Who said that the choice easy task? The company "Buka" long agonized question, "To Be or Not To Be?" and decided to ... BE! Be - ugliness, offensive, obscene and bawdry! Of the two versions of the game GTA 2 - politically correct and politically incorrect - the choice fell on the second. Russia - not France (which has chosen - not to be!) And now you are waiting for chilling by the courage and cruelty of the job and using obscene sauntreki vocabulary (do not close your ears - they are in English!) Within five years, GTA has been a most unusual game the world. The action took place in three huge cities, the player possessed of boundless freedom and could move around the city where he pleases. Convenient camera with zoom, music and graphics - all this created a unique atmosphere of the most anti-social game in the world. GTA2 main premise in the game continued. The player's task - to become anti-social element number one - has remained the same. In GTA2 retained the former top view camera with dynamic scaling, full freedom of movement, religion, and dengozarabatyvaniya. City came to life - compared to the progenitor of its interactivity has increased ten times. We are immersed in a world of chaos, lawlessness, corruption and anarchy. The game has gangs, each with its own characteristics, especially individual AI scripts, the zone of influence in the city, to do with our hero and his business.

Grand Theft Auto III
The game is set in the early 2000s in a metropolis of Liberty City. This city has long been divided into spheres of influence in several mafia groups, between which occur every now and then bloody clashes. It so happened that during a raid on the bank of the main hero of the game, one of the mercenary bands, betrayed only by a miracle he managed to stay alive. He now has only one purpose - to avenge the enemies, until that awful city did not break it completely. local boss needs his services, corrupt cops - his help, and street gangs - the corpse. To survive here, have to go to any risk.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Welcome to the City of Vice - Vice City, a huge hive, where has it all: golden beaches and stinking swamps, shine and poverty, palaces and slums. The loudest hit of the year, Vice City allows you to look into the bright, full of black humor and violence, the criminal world of the giant metropolis, very reminiscent of Miami. Now you have the chance to go all the way from the usual street bouncer to the elite of the underworld. After arriving in a metropolis full of temptations and pleasures, the protagonist Tommy Verchetti loses in the first transaction. He wants to get their money back, but stand in the way of the gang of bikers, Cuban gangsters and corrupt politicians. It seems that the entire Vice City rallied against Tommy. There remains only one thing: fight fire with fire - and, finally, to lay their hands on the town!

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Five years ago Carl Johnson escaped from the Los Santos (state of San Andreas) - City crime, drugs and corruption, where even movie stars and millionaires have any means to defend themselves from bandits and extortionists. Beginning of the 1990s. Carl returns home. His mother was killed, the family split up, my friends are in trouble, but against him made ??a false accusation of murder. To return to the family and restore the old context, Carl goes on a dangerous trip to San Andreas, he should by all means to win the streets of the state.

Grand Theft Auto IV
Where can I steal dozens of cars a day, beating passers-by, firing in the sex and earn money by selling drugs? In a game you shoot with impunity detachment police grenade and a minute later, calmly dinner in a nearby pizzeria? Grand Theft Auto series is renowned for its scandalous manners, and great scope for creativity. However, in GTA 4 absolute permissiveness is not - this time game observes rules of real life. These policemen, natural city, harsh rules of the criminal world allow only one alternative: to adapt or die! The new hero - Niko Bellich, come from Eastern Europe with criminal records. At the invitation of cousin he arrives in the U.S. city of Liberty City, hoping to find a better life without crime and murder. But the American dream is a pipe mirage. Instead of quiet everyday life on the ocean Niko is a lot of problems. To survive, he must again take up the old and you have to go with him this way until the end!

Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City
History of Liberty City continues. Additions to the high-profile criminal militant GTA IV users are immersed in the darkness of the street fights and glamorous nightclub atmosphere. > The Lost and Damned biker Johnny Klebits, wolf urban jungle, embroiled in a ruthless war criminal groups in the spheres of influence. Grouping of the Lost (The Lost) would be difficult to survive in the meat grinder. > The Ballad of Gay Tony Luis Lopez, loyal assistant Tony Prince - movers and shakers of club business, also known as Gay Tony. His goal - to survive in the vicious world of glamor. Who is friend and who foe? Who is faithful to the end, and who at the first opportunity stab in the back? These questions should be answered himself a player. Plots of two additions intersect with the scenario of the original Grand Theft Auto IV, so that the player is not only a new party squabbles, but also an opportunity from a different angle to look at the familiar event.

You wake up in a panic, deafened by his own breath. You must run, hide, survive. These are the bloody and brutal rule of the game. America is grim industrial towns, where there is permissiveness. In solitary confinement City only appreciate the thrill of the most powerful of them - playing with human life. It can become a victim of anyone. At this time no luck James ...

Manhunt 2
For six years he spent in the nuthouse, Daniel Lam no time deprived of reason. Degree, a prestigious job, a loving wife and two small children - what is it? Fruit enacted imagination or past life, remaining outside the damned hospital? Blurred memories of participating in a secret experiment to test neurological weapons and hundreds of psychopaths, murderers, trapped in these walls ... from month to month, questions tormented mind, which vainly searching for answers. But once the project Pickman entered into the next phase. Prepare to return to the world of shocking brutality and unprecedented scenes of violence! New bloody drama unfolds in a mental hospital Diksmor, where freedom escaped the most dangerous killers, maniacs and rapists. Being experimental rats in the experiment on the human psyche, they have lost all moral values ??and feelings. Executions and torture - is what gives former prisoners a genuine pleasure. But how to get out of this nightmare for those who have not completely lost his mind? The answer to this question is to find Daniel and you!

Max Payne
Max Payne was created for a mature audience that loves entangled, interesting and thought-out story, so he paid special attention to the development. The script provides answers to all questions: "What?" "Where?" "When?" "Why?" The action unfolds on the streets of modern New York, in which through unknown channels comes a new very dangerous drug. Max, among other secret police agents introduce to the local mafia groups to collect data on drug suppliers. It is perfectly suited for the job - he knows the city inside out, always away from persecution and neutralize the enemy, it is perfectly in possession of weapons and very athletic. These qualities will be Max, especially after the fabricated case of murder of his boss. Once out of the law, it will make its way through the dark muddy streets, which seem to have nothing to do with the shining city mirrored skyscrapers. Despite the fact that the game in the genre is a 3D shooter, every single moment of the game is full of meaning. In this game the player is not shooting or hundreds of innocent monsters, he knows exactly what and what villain should shoot his head. The creators have provided the desire of many to dream and create their own scene, so the game was turned on full-featured editor through which you can change everything - the design-level models, animation and special effects all.

Max Payne 2
"I lied to myself that it was over. But I was alive, and my family - is dead. Until the end was still far away ... " "We must be the last fool to fall in love with a woman who resurrected from the dead only to send you in the face of a gun ..." LOVE STORY IN STYLE Noir Everything in life has lost meaning. Max Payne returns to the police. In one investigation, he unexpectedly meets Mona Sax - femme fatale, which he thought long dead. Mona suspects in the murder, and she - the answer to the vexed questions of Max. But in the dark slums of New York sewers luck does not smile at anyone. On the way to Max - a whole army of unscrupulous rascals and scoundrels. His journey through the circles of hell is going on ... personal love hurts ...

Midnight Club 2
Racing without rules on the streets of cities of the future LOS ANGELES, Paris, Tokyo. Every night on the streets of Los Angeles, Paris and Tokyo, the most skilled riders compete for the title of best stritreysera planet. Choose a car or motorcycle to your own taste and take part in an incredible match. Only one rule: no rules. Fly through the city on sverhskorostyah, not thinking about anything but winning. Identify the most successful route to quickly get to the finish, and do not let the traffic police to detain you.

Wild Metal Country
The 'trick play - control. And made ??it like a real tank, or, say, a bulldozer. You control every gusinitsey separately, which adds convenience in terms of flexibility. In addition, you should pay attention to the difference in the tanks - Aborigines. Some are harmless and do their only job - to run away from you. Some do not attack as long as you do not stick to them. Well, very malicious individuals try to break you like a rag Tuzik. If you learn to move correctly and distinguish the enemy, you will have another problem. Made as well as Russian jeeps, your tank all the time tries to roll over on its side or upside - down. The only salvation - to shoot at the ground and pray for a good return.

Rockstar Games Collection (1998-2010/MULTI2/Repack by PHPDog)

Rockstar Games Collection (1998-2010/MULTI2/Repack by PHPDog)

Rockstar Games Collection (1998-2010/MULTI2/Repack by PHPDog)

Rockstar Games Collection (1998-2010/MULTI2/Repack by PHPDog)

Rockstar Games Collection (1998-2010/MULTI2/Repack by PHPDog)