Design of Building and Furniture 4.0

Design of Building and Furniture 4.0

Design of Building and Furniture - оригинальная программа для моделирования сооружений жилищ и инструкции мебели в комнатах. Утилита считается наиболее стремительным довольно автономным 3D-редактором разработанным нарочно для художников и архитекторов. Продукт взаимодействует именно с ArchiCAD, Revit, VectorWorks, SketchUp Pro, и иные. С добавлением DWF, OBJ и FBX форматов импорта и обновленный DXF, DWG и 3DS плагины, Artlantis Studio просто взаимодействует со всеми основными САПР.

Год: 2011
Язык: Многоязычный
Медицинский препарат: Не потребуется
Объем: 183 / 190 MB

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Met-art - Emilia A - Manicae

Met-art - Emilia A - Manicae

Met-art - Emilia A - Manicae
JPG | 132 photos | Released: 2011-12-13 | 68 Mb

Emilia A: I am very pleased to be presented, my name is Emili. I am the romantic girl. I like to go to concerts and to visit fashion exhibitions. I enjoy watching different styles of fashionable tendencies and I write articles for glossy magazines. I have a big collection of shoes, dresses, bathing suits and underwear. I also like to draw very much. Warm colors like orange, yellow, pink especially are pleasant. For a long time I have been interested in erotic photos, so I decided to try. I like my body.I think that it will be pleasant for me to see and I hope for others too.


Total Training Microsoft Excel 2010 Essentials and Advanced DVDRip Tutorials (Reuploaded)

Total Training Microsoft Excel 2010 Essentials and Advanced DVDRip Tutorials (Reuploaded)

Total Training Microsoft Excel 2010 Essentials and Advanced DVDRip Tutorials
English | 2010 | AVI | 1.8GB

Complete 2 Award-Winning Training Courses. Total Training Microsoft Excel 2010 ESSENTIALS and ADVANCED TRAINING COURSES. Project Files are Included.

ESSENTIALS – This series is for anyone who wants to know Excel in a non-intimidating, soup-to-nuts manner. If you’ve never used Excel, this is your starting point. No prior experience is necessary. If you’ve used Excel but never had formal training, this course will fill in the gaps so it all makes sense and so you are efficient and accurate. If you’ve used previous versions of Excel (prior to Office 2007) then there are a lot of features and changes you need to be aware of to fully utilize this software. In this course we take you from start to finish including entering data, configuring workbooks, working with calculations, applying regular and conditional formatting, creating custom formats, using names, leveraging the power of tables and charts and outputting your work. These are the skills every Excel user needs to know no matter how new or how experienced you may be!

1. Break down Excel into its component parts to make it more manageable and less overwhelming
2. Use common, understandable names to replace confusing cell references
3. Apply traditional formatting, create custom formats and apply formatting that automatically changes based on conditions you designate
4. Truly understand how formulas and functions work, no matter how seemingly simple or complex
5. Learn the Commandments of Excel Usagea„? to ensure your work is efficient and accurate
6. Embrace the power of tables to sort, filter and manage data more easily
7. Create charts with just one click

1. Introducing Excel
2. Recognizing Interface Features Unique to Excel
3. Understanding Workbook Structure
4. Navigating through Workbooks
5. Making Workbook Selections

Chapter 2: THE BASICS OF DATA (41 min)
1. Entering Text
2. Entering Dates & Numbers
3. Editing Cell Entries
4. Copying & Moving Data
5. Filling a Series

1. Modifying Workbook & Worksheet Structure
2. Resizing Worksheet Elements
3. Hiding Workbook Components

Chapter 4: CREATING FORMULAS (33 min)
1. Excel Calculations 101
2. Entering Formulas
3. Enforcing Absolute Referencing
4. Controlling Calculation Options

Chapter 5: THE BASICS OF FUNCTIONS (26 min)
1. The Foundation of Functions
2. Using AutoSum & the Formulas Tab
3. Using Function AutoComplete

Chapter 6: WHAT’S IN A NAME? (43 min)
1. Creating Named Cells
2. Dening Names
3. Creating Names from Selections
4. Creating Named Formulas
5. Using Names as References
6. Managing & Displaying Names

Chapter 7: MAKING DATA LOOK GOOD (74 min)
1. Applying Basic Formatting
2. Formatting Numbers
3. Exploring the Format Cells Dialog Box
4. Dening Custom Formats
5. Creating & Applying Cell Styles
6. Conditional Formatting
7. Applying & Editing Conditional Formatting Rules

1. Getting In-Cell Summaries with Sparklines
2. Creating Charts
3. Modifying Chart Design
4. Working with Chart Layout & Format
5. Saving & Using a Chart Template

1. Converting Data Ranges to Tables
2. Modifying Table Formatting
3. Working with Table Records
4. Using Table Calculations
5. Sorting Data
6. Creating Custom Lists
7. Filtering Data

1. Conguring Excel Options
2. Adjusting the View
3. Controlling Excel Windows

1. Print Area, Print Titles & Sheet Options
2. Renaming Sheets & Adding Headers/Footers
3. Printing Worksheets
4. Credits

ADVANCED - Microsoft Excel. It’s a mainstay for many Office users. Unfortunately, many people know the BASICS of spreadsheets but they never get to the next level, integrating and advancing basic skills to escalate worksheets to elegant, powerful solutions. In this series, new and longtime Excel users will learn how to take core skills to the next level by exploring advanced functions and chart features, connecting to external data, utilizing data tools, leveraging auditing features and gaining insight with what-if features. You’ll also learn how to create macros and work with basic VBA code to customize and automate your work. Does EVERY Excel user need to know these skills? No. But if you want to use Excel beyond simple data entry and calculations to its fullest potential and therefore be able to reach your own full potential, this series will help get you there.

1. Take basic Excel skills to the next level by integrating and extending basic skills to create elegant solutions
2. See how advanced functions and data tools automate routine tasks and provide easy answers to not-so-easy questions
3. Discover the power of simplifying complex data through advanced charts and pivot tables
4. Audit calculations, manage errors and ask find answer to your “what if…” questions
5. Import & connect to external data
6. Create macros and make simple edits using VBA to automate routine tasks

1. Using Lookup Functions
2. Using Text Functions
3. Breaking Apart Text Entries
4. Using Date & Time Functions
5. Using the Net Workdays Function
6. Using Logical Functions & Fixing Errors
7. Using Text in Calculations
8. Using Financial Functions
9. Using the Cumulative Interest Payment Function
10. Using Aggregate vs. Math Functions

Chapter 2: SUBTOTALS & OUTLINES (25 min)
1. Creating Subtotals
2. Working with Outlined Data
3. Manually Creating Subtotals & Outlines
4. Creating Custom Views

Chapter 3: PIVOTTABLES© (57 min)
1. Constructing PivotTables
2. Modifying PivotTable Calculations
3. Setting PivotTable Properties
4. Using Filters & Slicers in the PivotTable
5. Using the Report Filter & Updating Data
6. Working with PivotTable Data in Formulas & PivotCharts

1. Adding a Secondary Chart Axis
2. Working with a Scatter Chart
3. Hidden & Empty Cell Settings, Formatting Error Bars
4. Adding a Trendline

Chapter 5: ADVANCED DATA TOOLS (44 min)
1. Importing Data & Adding Hyperlinks
2. Converting Text to Columns
3. Linking to Databases & Removing Duplicate Records
4. Consolidating Data
5. Validating & Protecting Data

1. Working with Circular References
2. Tracing Precedents & Dependents
3. Evaluating Formulas
4. Using the Watch Window
5. Error Checking

1. Finding an Input Value with Goal Seek
2. Displaying Options via Scenarios
3. Including Variable Values through Data Tables

Chapter 8: MACROS, VBA & SECURITY 60 min)
1. Macro Concepts
2. Creating a Basic Macro
3. Manipulating Cell & Range References
4. A Brief Introduction to VBA
5. Viewing & Editing VBA in Excel
6. Making Macros Accessible
7. Applying Security Settings
8. Credits

Drum n Bass Selection Vol.2 [2CD] (1994) FLAC

Drum n Bass Selection Vol.2 [2CD] (1994) FLAC

Исполнитель: VA
Альбом: Drum n Bass Selection Vol.2 [2CD]
Жанр: Electronic, Drum n Bass, Jungle
Лейбл: Breakdown Records
Дата выхода: 1994
Палач#: BDRCD003
Формат: CD, Compilation
Единица-во треков: 2х10tracks
Время звучания: 01:58:42
Формат | Качество: FLAC / lossless
Объем файла: 668.98 Mb

CD 1
01 DJ Hype Feat. MC GQ – Rrrroll Da Beats 5:39
02 Tom Jerry – Maximum Style 5:00
03 Fallen Angel – Hello Lover (Back 2 Basics VIP Mix) 6:17
04 DMS The Boneman X – Sweet Vibrations 6:04
05 Lick Back Organisation – Maniac Music (Lick Back VIP Mix) 6:23
06 Renegade Feat. Ray Keith – Terrorist 6:15
07 Dope Style – You Must Think First 6:31
08 Shimon – Predator 5:49
09 Run Tings – Ruff Revival 5:57
10 Danny Breaks – 4 The Thinking Positive Crew 6:10

01 Roni Size – It's A Jazz Thing 6:01
02 Johnny Jungle – Johnny '94 (Origin Unknown Remix) 5:40
03 DJ Ron – Mo Musik 6:59
04 JB, The – Stand Easy (Back 2 Basics VIP Mix) 6:24
05 A-Zone – Callin All The People 5:25
06 Brain Killers – Screw Face 5:08
07 DJ Dextrous – Time To Move 4:59
08 Sacred – Kall Da Kaps (Remix) 6:15
09 A Send Ultra Vibe – What Kind Of World 5:08
10 Leviticus – The Burial 6:29

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Rainbow - Heavy Portrait (Japanese Limited Edition) 2012.

Rainbow - Heavy Portrait (Japanese Limited Edition) 2012.


01. Tarot Woman
02. Light In The Black
03. Run With The Wolf
04. The Temple Of The King
05. Starstruck
06. Stargazer
07. Man On The Silver Mountain
08. Self Portrait
09. Catch The Rainbow
10. Sixteen Century Greensleeves
11. Gates Of Babylon
12. Rainbow Eyes
13. Kill The King
14. Hall Of The Mountain King
15. Ariel
16. Still I'm Sad

01. Lost In Hollywood
02. I Surrender
03. Sportlight Kid
04. Vielleicht Das Nachste (Maybe Next Time)
05. Magic
06. Freedom Fighter
07. Bring On The Night (Dream Chaswr)
08. Tearin' Out My Heart
09. Can't Let You Go
10. Fire Dance
11. Street Of Dreams
12. Wolf To The Moon
13. Hunting Humans (Insatiable)
14. Black Masquerade
15. Stone Cold
16. Difficult To Cure (Beethoven's Ninth)


Наименование: Heavy Portrait (Japanese Limited Edition)
Год выпуска: 2012
Исполнитель: Rainbow
Государство: England
Жанр: Rock/Hard Rock
Продолжительность: 02:42:27

Битрейт аудио: 320 kbps
Формат/Кодек: MP3
Размер: 346,77 Мб

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Damany - Excursie in Paradis (2013)

Damany - Excursie in Paradis (2013)

Исполнитель: Damany
Наименование: Excursie in Paradis
Год выхода: 2013
Качество: HD
Формат: MP4
Жанр: Pop
Видео: AVC 1920x1080 25.00fps
Аудио: AAC 44.1 КГц 201 kbps
Продолжительность: 00:04:18
Размер файла: 170 MB