Взрослые и дети поменялись местами (17 фото)

Совершеннолетние и ребята изменились пространствами (17 фото)

Количество: 17 шт. | Качество: предельно разное | Формат: JPG |Размер: 1,1 мб.

Фотограф Пол Рипк (Paul Ripke) совместно с арт-директором Флорианом Шмакером (Florian Schmucker) и фирмой постпродакшена POP сделали жизнерадостную фотосессию «Grown Ups» (Совершеннолетние).
Вполне взрослые и ребята изменились пространствами (17 фото)

Совершеннолетние и ребята изменились пространствами (17 фото)

Достаточно взрослые и ребята изменились пространствами (17 фото)

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Фотоработы Billy Bonkers

Фотоработы Billy Bonkers

Изящные творческие фотоработы от BILLY BONKERS. Фотоработы сделаные с умом.

Количество: 22
Формат: JPG
Качество: 542x800 - 670x632
Размер: 5.98 Mb

Фотоработы Billy BonkersФотоработы Billy BonkersФотоработы Billy Bonkers

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cmiVFX - Houdini VEX Volume 1 by David Gary

cmiVFX - Houdini VEX Volume 1 by David Gary

cmiVFX - Houdini VEX Volume 1 by David Gary
English| Year: 2007| Aythor: David Gary| MP4| 2:37:50| 619Mb
Genre: Video Training

Upon general request, CmiVFX is proud announce its two first volumes of new series of Houdini videos about VEX and VOPs. VEX is one of these things that makes Houdini really unique. Initially designed to be a powerful shading language, its paradigm has been extended to enable users to create new custom operators (like new SOPs, POPs, CHOPs). With the Houdini visual programming philosophy, VEX comes as a new dedicated context: VOPS where the data flow of your program is represented by custom nodes that wrap mathematical functions. VEX programming is so immense of a field that you could recreate almost half of the nodes of Houdini in all context combined ! So we had to start somewhere. These first two videos are an introduction to VEX/VOPs in the SOP context, maybe the easiest one to master: this means you'll learn how to create new surface operators, new modeling tools, new deformers with VEX/VOPs. It is at the same time an introduction to VEX concepts that are shared among all the various contexts, that we will reuse in our videos about rendering and shader development, or in videos about particle animation .Seashells, global deformers, water ripples... while being a language reference, these videos are intended to be a great cookbook for useful mathematical formulas.

Creating New Nodes
The ultimate purpose of VEX is to create new operators, and depending on the context you're working on, new surface operators, new shaders, new compositing filters, new particle operators etc.VEX development is analogous to C plug-in development ( with almost the same speed of execution) and is often used to prototype HDK nodes.

Not only are you creating the brains of the node, with implementing advanced algorithm into its core, but you also create visual interfaces for these pieces of functionalities. Some of these UI creation concepts are shared with the digital assets, so this video is also a thorough introduction to Houdini's incredible customizability.

Sliders, axis, circles: Handles are interactive controls that allow you to visually manipulate your geometry in the viewport. Learn how to create handle and associate them with the different parameters that control your objects.

Slide Shows And Whiteboards
Traditional slide shows are back to recapitulate your knowledge. They're now available as additional pdf files for you to print. You loved the whiteboard in Lsystem videos Well, it's back. Come with engineers to the development room where they draw schematics and formulas to prototype their plug-ins. Because that's how it happens in real life.

The algorithms we show you can be reused in a variety of other contexts, and in a variety of different applications. As often with Houdini, we teach you more than Houdini. We teach you all the real algorithms, that you can Translate in Renderman SL, in Maya expressions and more generally in any package that have expression languages. Don't buy your 3d manuals, just watch them!

The Author
David Gary is 27 years old, french, and has a Bachelor Degree in Pure Mathematics, a Master Degree in Philosophy and is preparing his PhD in the interdisciplinary field of philosophy of mathematics, phenomenology and cognitive sciences. Aside of his studies, he's directed a dozen of short movies and video clips, being a director/video instructor. He began to be a strong CG specialist since a long time using various tools as 3dsmax, Maya, Houdini.

cmiVFX - Houdini VEX Volume 1 by David Gary

cmiVFX - Houdini VEX Volume 1 by David Gary

http://ul.to/0x3er7eg/cmiVFX - VEX Volume 1_Ryuzin.part2.rar
http://ul.to/tgyoka2z/cmiVFX - VEX Volume 1_Ryuzin.part3.rar
http://ul.to/j6bymnhs/cmiVFX - VEX Volume 1_Ryuzin.part1.rar
http://ul.to/l02tzrym/cmiVFX - VEX Volume 1_Ryuzin.part4.rar

Tommy Igoe - Getting Started On Drums

Tommy Igoe - Getting Started On Drums
Tommy Igoe - Getting Started On Drums
English | 384x240, 562 kbps | 128 kbps, 44100 Hz | 695 MB
Genre: eLearning

Tommy Igoe brings his 25 years of teaching and playing experience to bear, creating the first DVD for beginner drummers! He takes you on a journey that starts with taking a brand new drum set out of the box and gets you started making music right away. Setting Up! (Part 1) is dedicated to understanding your new drums. All of your drums and hardware, along with Tommy's unique "Power Square" concept, are covered in detail, starting you off in the right direction. Start Playing! (Part 2) will get you playing and having fun right away. Tommy takes you through the basics of how to hold your sticks and how to use your pedals. He even brings out some young students to help demonstrate some great grooves and fills that you can play right away. Special DVD Features allow you to select Tommy playing each of the grooves super slowly so you can really take your time to work everything out. 3 great songs are included, and played by young students, with play-along versions of each one, so that you can start jamming and making music right away! 140 minutes.Tommy Igoe has recorded with Lauryn Hill, Stanley Jordan, New York Voices, Blood Sweat and Tears, Dave Grusin, The Chieftains, Marc Mancina, Patti Austin, Mary Clayton, Darlene Love, Rita Coolidge and Dave Wilcox. Formerly on tour with Art Garfunkel, and an adjunct professor at Rutgers University, he holds the Lion King drum chair on broadway.

Tommy Igoe - Getting Started On Drums

http://ul.to/jxkb8co1/11.Tommy Igoe - Getting Started On Drums.part1.rar
http://ul.to/huqmzu3p/11.Tommy Igoe - Getting Started On Drums.part2.rar

NickWare Quicker Rus

NickWare Quicker Rus

Программа для повышения производительности и быстродействия операционной системы, увеличения прочности работы ПК с поддержкой перемены параметров и активации слишком скрытых подлинно системных функций Windows. Программа и еше разрешает всецело и оптимально энергично использовать ресурсы "железа" ПК. Содержит благожелательный интерфейс.

Блестяще системные притязания:
Процессор: Всякий
Видеокарта: Вполне любая
Порядком оперативная память: Минимальное колличество 32 Mb
Место на строгом диске: 10 Mb

Совершенствования с предыдущей версии:
• NickWare Module Core Framework обновлён до версии 1.8:
• Исправлена ошибка блестяще связанная с применением модулей технологий NickWare
• Улучшена труд вполне некоторых модулей
• NickWare UltraFast Optimizition Technology освежена до версии 1.3:
• Улучшена совместимость с 64-битными системами
• Технология NickWare Smart Profile Control освежена до версии 2.6:
• Добавлен новый системный профиль (игровой)
• Улучшен интерфейс:
• Добавлено окошко приветствия
• Исправлены небольшие графические промахи

Информация о программе:
ОС: Windows® XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, 7
Язык интерфейса: Почти русский, English
Лекарство: Не потребуется
Размер: 8.24 Mb

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