Joanne Shenandoah - Albums Collection (1994-2003)

Joanne Shenandoah - Albums Collection (1994-2003)
Категория: Дискография
Исполнитель: Joanne Shenandoah
Наименование диска: Albums Collection
Жанр: New Age, Native
Год выпуска: 1994-2003
Число треков: 112
Время звучания: 07:10:21
Формат|Качество: mp3 | 128-256 kbps
Размер файла: 701.18 Мб


2003 - Covenant - 192 kbps
01 (4:27) Giving Thanks
02 (5:28) Circle
03 (6:24) Prepare Yourself
04 (7:12) Daughter of Water
05 (4:30) 100 Winters
06 (5:17) Tell Me Your Dream
07 (6:40) Thunder Beings
08 (3:56) Earth Pulse
09 (3:31) Her Dance
10 (6:06) Help Us Be Peaceful
11 (5:36) Everyone Stand Up

2002 - Peace and Power - 192 kbps
01 (4:09) Mother of Nations
02 (3:28) Peace and Power
03 (2:14) Kahawitha
04 (5:41) Path of Beauty
05 (5:01) When Eyes Meet
06 (3:28) Kaluhyanu (Wes)
07 (4:08) I'am Your Friend
08 (3:51) Aiionwatha Forgives
09 (3:38) Kahalunyuhe
10 (6:01) Dance of the North
11 (3:51) Katsitsi (Yos)
12 (1:26) The Four Legged Ones
13 (3:59) Deer Dance
14 (5:07) Prophecy Song

2001 - Eagle Cries - 192 kbps
01 (5:10) Heartbeat
02 (3:31) Feather From Heaven
03 (5:52) One Silver One Gold
04 (4:19) Dancing On Mother Earth
05 (3:33) Treaty
06 (3:38) Earth And Sky
07 (3:51) We Give Thanks To The Woman
08 (3:23) Unexplained
09 (3:33) Feather In The Wind
10 (3:47) Once Again
11 (3:06) Eagle Cries
12 (2:30) Watch Me Through The Night

2000 - Warrior in Two Worlds - 256 kbps
01 (3:40) The Legend Ely S. Parker
02 (3:22) Hasanoanda - Leading Name
03 (2:33) She Had A Dream
04 (2:26) Exiled
05 (1:48) Buffalo Creek Treaty
06 (1:39) Turning Point ( Moccasin Dance )
07 (3:22) Assimilation
08 (4:03) Walks Two Roads
09 (2:09) Galena Calls
10 (2:21) Terms Of Surrender
11 (2:36) Held At Bay
12 (2:39) One Real American
13 (3:40) Capital Bells
14 (2:52) Commisioner
15 (2:51) Dance Of The North
16 (3:37) The Legend - Reprise

2000 - Peacemaker's Journey - 192 kbps
01 (4:10) Peacemaker is Born
02 (3:22) The Good Message
03 (4:09) Mother of Nations
04 (3:48) Tadodahosnakes in His Hair
05 (3:47) Aiionwatha Creates Wampum
06 (3:50) Aiionwatha Forgives
07 (4:33) Planting the Tree of Peace
08 (4:01) The Eagle Watches
09 (3:38) The Great Law of Peace
10 (4:52) You Will Have Peace
11 (3:27) Peace and Power
12 (3:32) All the Earth Will See

1998 - Orenda: Native American Songs Of Life Tracks - 320 kbps
01 (1:28) Passage (Prelude) ((Across the Sky Prelude))
02 (2:06) Across the Sky
03 (4:12) I Am Your Friend (Mohawk Standing Quiver Song)
04 (2:44) Our Mind Is One (Mohawk Standing Quiver Song)
05 (3:13) Creator's Song
06 (4:29) The Great Feathered Horse
07 (3:17) In Love (Mowawk Rabbit Song)
08 (2:43) All My Relations (Four Cousin Songs)
09 (1:24) The Four Legged Ones (Garter Dance Intro)
10 (1:56) Garter Dance
11 (3:59) Deer Dance (Garter Dance 2)
12 (3:13) Life Giver (Mohawk Women's Dance)
13 (3:16) You Are My Friend (Mohawkk Friendship Song-omega)
14 (0:46) Hunting (Mohawk Stomp Dance)
15 (4:03) Unity (Haudenosaunee Round Dance)
16 (5:07) Prophecy Song

1996 - Matriarch: Iroquois Women's Songs - 320 kbps
01 (2:13) Kahawi'tha (She Carries It Along)
02 (3:41) Kanekotsy^: Tha? (She Dips Water)
03 (3:44) Yakolihuny^Hi (She Teaches)
04 (3:21) Katsitsy^Tha? (She Knocks Petals from the...
05 (3:59) Tekanatsyaslitha (She Breaks the Kettle)
06 (4:19) Tsyakow^Niyo (Her Words Are Good Again)
07 (3:25) Kaluhyanu: Wes (She's Fond of the Sky)
08 (3:48) Katsitsi?: Yos (Pretty Flowers)
09 (4:19) Tekalihwa Kwha (She Sings)
10 (3:30) Kalunyaha: Wi (She Carries the Sky)
11 (3:32) Taw^: Tene? (She Leads the Dawn)
12 (3:37) Kahlu'nyuhe? (She Puts Them Up)
13 (1:48) K^Nikast?Sla (Little Feather)

1995 - Lifeblood - 192 kbps
01 (4:58) Messenger
02 (4:43) Circle of Friendship
03 (5:01) When Eyes Meet
04 (5:41) Path of Beauty
05 (2:51) Song of Union
06 (5:59) Womans Dance
07 (5:58) Dance of the North
08 (7:33) Life Blood
09 (2:40) Messenger (Reprise)

1994 - Loving Ways - 192 kbps
01 (5:19) India Love Song
02 (3:59) A Prayer for Sundancer
03 (3:41) After the 49
04 (5:17) Sweetheart
05 (2:47) Blessing the Little Ones
06 (3:49) Used to Be
07 (3:25) If Love Is Kind
08 (4:13) Setting Sun
09 (5:11) To Those Who Dream

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Boot CD/USB Sergei Strelec v.2.8 RUS/ENG(2013)

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Операционная система За почву PE взята Windows 7
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Память От 512 МБ или же больше
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- Освежено: Антивирусные базы KVRT до состояния на 31.07.2013

Почти контрольные суммы:
md5: fd243a6da98238757c4d903273fd8882

Немного системные требования:
Процессор: от 300 МГц AMD или же Intel
Память: Не менее 512 МБ ОЗУ
Видеокарта: Графическое прибор DirectX 9 с драйвером WDDM версии 1.0 или же повыше

Информация о програме
Наименование: Hee-BootDisk
Версия: v 0.7
Год выпуска: 2013
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